Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 Serial Reading Challenge

I've also decided to take part in the Serial Reading Challenge hosted by Just your Average Carpoolqueen.

My first series is the Final Friends Series by Christopher Pike.
1. "Final Friends: The Party" by Christopher Pike 212 pages
2. "Final Friends: The Dance" by Christopher Pike 226 pages
3. "Final Friends: The Graduation" by Christopher Pike 238 pages

I'm now working on the Remember Me series by Christopher Pike.
4. "Remember Me" by Christopher Pike 230 pages
5. "Remember Me 2: The Return" by Christopher Pike 210 pages
6. "Remember Me 3: The Last Story" by Christopher Pike 244 pages

The Night World Series by L.J. Smith
7. "Secret Vampire" by L.J. Smith 242 pages
8. "Daughters of Darkness" by L.J. Smith 238 pages
9. "Spellbinder" by L.J. Smith 238 pages


betty R.~Simply Southern said...

Thought i'd drop in and say hi and let you know that yes,you can enter my giveaway daily up until jan. 31st! Thanks for visiting!

SIMPLY SOUTHERN-contest-giveaways-enter mine now

Anonymous said...

I signed up for this one too. Love series books. :)

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