Thursday, February 16, 2017

On My Wishlist - Fragrant Jewels

Have you all heard about Fragrant Jewels?  Fragrant Jewels sells candles, bath bombs and other products that contain a gorgeous ring inside.  Each ring also comes a code to win a ring up to $10,000 in value.

I received one of the gold bar bath bombs as a gift and it had the most amazing smell.  The smell was long lasting and lingering, which I thought was great.   The ring inside was a beautiful Swarovski crystal 3 stone ring.

I really want to order more!  They just added two new sets to their site.  Check them out:

This set is called Pineapple Dreaming and is $39.95. 
Fragrance Notes
Top: Juicy Pineapple, green galbanium, melon, fruity orange and peach, with sweet anise
Middle: Lily of the valley, rose, and hint of ginger spice
Bottom: Sweet vanilla, musk, and coconut

This one is called Wish You Were Here and is $39.95.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Rain Accord, Lemon, Pink Cyclamen, Fresh Cut Stems
Middle: Apple Peel, Water Hyacinth, Desert Rose, Star Jasmine
Bottom: Palm Fronds, White Musk

Earlier this month they added this set Pink Champagne which currently can only be bought if you belong to their Inner Circle (you get a set like this every month, at a discounted price).  It is $32.95 through the Inner Circle. 

Fragrance Notes
Top: Rose Petals, Sparkling Effervescence, Ripe Raspberry
Middle: Brandy Orange, Cinnamon  
Bottom: Jasmine, White Flowers, Blooming Honeysuckle, White Star Jasmine, Spice

These last two are sets that I have been watching for a while.  The De-Stress set sounds so lovely.  It is $39.95.

Fragrance Notes
Top: Cool Peppermint, fresh Eucalyptus, citrus notes of Orange and Lemon
Middle: Fresh Air, with Rose, Violet, Lily of the Valley, and Jasmine
Bottom: Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Oakmoss

This last set, Starry Night is another Inner Circle exclusive set at the moment.  They sold out of all the individual sales due to it's popularity.  They have videos of the bath bombs swirling in the water, and it looks so pretty.

Fragrant Jewels also sells candles and bath bombs individually.  Candles are usually around $25 and bath bombs are just under $15 each.  It's a pretty good deal, when you consider some bath bombs are $7 to $8 but these come with rings.  Also Fragrant Jewels regularly has specials and discounts on Facebook and via email.  For example, they have a spin the wheel type deal going on right now.  You can get a free extra ring and code to win the bigger prize, $10 off the De-Stress set, or 15% off your entire order. 

Have you tried Fragrant Jewels before?  What did you think?  Which one did you try?  Which one is your favorite?

Book Review: Labyrinth by A. Corrigan

Some of you probably know what a huge Labyrinth fan I am.  I watched it several times a week when I was growing up.  Now that I am an adult, I still watch it regularly - just not quite so often.  I even have a Labyrinth tribute tattoo. 

When I saw this book, Labyrinth by A. Corrigan,  essentially Labyrinth told in sonnets, I knew I had to read it.  A. Corrigan broke the film into fifty-five sonnets.  I think this was cleverly done.  I really enjoyed reading my favorite movie broken into poetry.  I highly recommend it for fans of Labyrinth.

A. Corrigan
62 pages

Description from Amazon:  Labyrinth: One classic film, fifty-five sonnets retells the cult classic film in the form of Shakespearean sonnets. It was inspired by A Corrigan’s love of the film and the fact that she wished the novelisation had been more poetic, and physically resembled the book in the film more closely. She started writing the book late last year, intending it to be a celebration of the film’s thirtieth anniversary, but it has now also become a tribute to its star, David Bowie. Many of the poems were composed at Bowie shrines; titles of various Bowie songs also found their way into the text. Labyrinth: One classic film, fifty-five sonnets is written in the form of Shakespearean sonnets, to reflect the fact that several of the lines Sarah quotes from her book in the film resemble iambic pentameter, but the language is intended to be more accessible. The book is aimed at Labyrinth aficionados, as well as fans of David Bowie and people who like sonnets and/or traditional rhyming poetry. A Corrigan takes inspiration from the works of Tolkien, Tanith Lee, and Neil Gaiman, and was specifically influenced by Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ and Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Hunting of the Snark’.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentines Day Is Just Around the Corner - Are you Prepared?

It's that time of year again!  Valentines Day is right around the corner - are you prepared?  I've put together some items I think are awesome and would love to receive so much more than candy or flowers.  Check them out below and let me know what you think.

I have been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately, and finding all kinds of fun and interesting things.  One of people I discovered on Instagram, is @modernmud_ceramics  She makes these gorgeous ring holders, that look like crystal clusters.  They are very unique. I have never seen anything like them, and they have certainly been added to my wish list.

 These ceramic and 22kt gold crystal ring holders come in four colors - pink, turquoise, purple and white.  You can purchase them at her etsy shop for only $76.00.

 This gorgeous purple striated version can be purchased in her etsy shop for $86.00

I recently stumbled upon I Heart Makeup's Unicorn Heart highlighter at,  It's only $8.99 with $12.00 shipping from the UK.  While you're on the site, look around, as there are some other very cool British make up brands at a reasonable price.  I'm putting in an order with some friends so we split the cost of the shipping.  I love the rainbow shimmer of this palette.

While we are on the subject of unicorns, have you seen these unicorn makeup brushes? 

 This version is available on Amazon for $12.99

Another one of my Instagram Finds is @roughandtumbledgems.  She had a really clever idea to fill a heart shaped candy style box with crystals and polished stones.  You can get these in various sizes in her etsy shop: GemsRoughandTumbled. They range in price from $8.50 up to $39.50

Next up, the best brownies that I have ever had - ever!  Fairy Tale Brownies out of Phoenix, Arizona has many different options and prizes for delicious brownies in a variety of flavors.  Have you seen The Boss with Melissa McCarthy?  I imagine that the brownies that Darnell's Darlings sell might be close to this good.  Give them a try - you won't be disappointed, I promise.

What are some of your suggestions for awesome Valentines or Galentines day gifts?

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