Friday, December 16, 2022

My 2023 TBR Challenge books

​This year I have decided to take part in the 10th Annual The Roof Beam Reader TBR Challenge.  Click the link to sign up on his page.  The books have to be over a year old. You post your books in advance and can read in any order. 

My Book Choices are:

Main list

1. Detectives Don’t Wear Seatbelts by CiCi McNair

2. Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People by James Borg

3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey

4. Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

5. The Thorn Necklace by Francesca Lia Block

6. Rebel Girls by Elizabeth Keenan

7. Healing States by Alberto Villoldo

8. Simple Dreams by Linda Ronstadt

9. Toil & Trouble by Jessica Spotswood

10.Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova 

11.Kentucky Traveler by Ricky Skaggs

12.You’re Welcome Universe by Whitney Gardner 

Alternate List:

1. Spook by Mary Roach

2. Cold Days by Jim Butcher

Saturday, December 3, 2022

My Spotify 2022 Wrapped Playlist of Most played songs

Chakras -Qveen Herby

Savage Daughter - Sarah Hester Ross

Sade in the 90's - Qveen Herby

Maybe You're The Problem - Ava Max

Self Aware - Qveen Herby

Oh Girl - Paul Young

Godless - Banks

I'll Be Here Where the Heart Is - Kim Carnes

Send Me An Angel - Scropions

Vitamins - Qveen Herby

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

If We Were Made of Water - Banks

Crystal - Stevie Nicks

Wifey- Qveen Herby

Hey Jealousy - The Gin Blossoms

Lovesong - The Cure

Here Comes the Night - Agnes

Mint - Qveen Herby

How Villains are Made - Madalen Duke

The Dolphin's Cry - Live

I Scare Myself - Beth Crowley

I am not a woman, I'm a God - Halsey

Naughty Girl - Qveen Herby

Gemini Feed - Banks

Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus

I Am - Baby Tate

Bats in the Belfry - Qveen Herby

My Head & My Heart - Ava Max

The Devil - Banks

Talk to Me - Apocalyptica with Lzzy Hale

So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings- Caroline Polachek

Angels Like You -Miley Cyrus

Santa Monica - Everclear

If You Could Only See - Tonic

I Am the Fire - Halestorm

Freaking Me Out - Ava Max

Bad Girl - Daya

#1 Crush - Garbage

Joey - Concrete Blonds

Rooms on Fire - Stevie Nicks

Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms

Private Parts - Halestorm

I Alone - Live

I Want Love - Jessie J

Until I Fall Away - Gin Blossoms

Alone - Heart

Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young

Rich Girl Mood - Dounia

Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains

Gypsy - Fleedwood Mac

Older - Sasha Alex Sloan

Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran

Death by Rock And Roll - The Pretty Reckless

Edge of Midnight - Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks

The Steeple - Halestorm

When You're Gone - The Cranberries

Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs

Broken Pieces - Apocalyptica, Lacey

Til I Hear It From You - Gin Blossoms

I Still Do - The Cranberries

I Found Someone - Cher

Praying - Kesha

Rest in Peace - Dorothy

Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik

Hit Me Like a Man - The Pretty Recklaces

Take You to Hell - Ava Max

Precious Things - Tori Amos

Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage

Allison Road- Gin Blossoms

Every Time I Cry - Ava Max

The Ghost In You - Psychedelic Furs

Calling You - Blue October

Stupid Girl - Garbage

Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac

Here's To Us - Halestorm

Just Like Honey - Jesus and Mary Chain

Somebody I F*cked Once - Zolita

Anarchy - Lilith Czar

BDE - Qveen Herby

No One Like You - Scorpions

Salt - Ava Max

Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy

Abracadabra - Qveen Herby

As Long As It Matters - Gin Blossoms

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

You Ruin Me - The Veronicas

I Love You But I Love Me More - Marina, Beach Bunny

Lakini's Juice - Live

You - Candlebox

Invincible - Pat Benatar

Always Remember Us This Way - Lady Gaga

Numb Little Bug - Em Beihold

Losing My Religion - REM

Kings & Queens - Ava Max

Linger - The Cranberries

The World I Know - Collective Soul

Man's World - Marina

Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescense

Prisoner - Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa

Crucify - Tori Amos

Comedown - Bush

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Spotify 2022 Wrapped

 "You explored 52 different genres....

You're Top 5 Genres were


    New Wave


    Nu Metal

    Alt Z

Your Morning started with Empower Confident Bold

You Seized the Day with Chill Calm Relaxing

You embraced the night with Mellow Melancholy Gloomy

In 2022, your total play time was 13,,348 minutes. That's more than 63% of other listeners in the United States.

Your Top Song was Chakras by Qveen Herby. You played it 46 times with the most listens on January 14, 2022.

You played 1,768 songs, but these played again and again and again

Your top songs:

    Chakras by Qveen Herby

    Savage Daughter by Sarah Hester Ross

    Sade in the 90s by Qveen Herby

    Maybe You're the Problem by Ava Max

    Self Aware by Qveen Herby

You listened to 1,147 artists this year, but one ruled your world

Your top artist this year was Qveen Herby

You spent 742 minutes together. You were in the top 0.5% of Qveen Herby listeners this year.

You couldn't stop listening to Chakras

Your top artists

    Qveen Herby

    Ava Max


    Gin Blossoms

    Fleetwood Mac

You are "The Deep Diver

When you love an artist, you dive deep into their catalogs, taking in all the sights and sounds you discover along the way.  


Familiarity Timelessness Variety Uniqueness

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