Monday, September 29, 2008


My lovely friend Toushonta from Scentsational Soaps has had some great things happening for her lately. Her wonderful products are getting some much deserved attention. Her amazing body butters were given out in the VH1 Awards swag bags this year. Now Urban Latina Magazine is hosting a giveaway that features her products. To enter, please visit Toushonta's blog, Scentsational Moments.


I didn't realize it's been so long since I last updated. I finally found a job in my new town. I'm working at a clinic. It's fast paced and I'm never bored. I'm getting used to my hours - which are not the same every day. I like my job, but for now it's keeping me on my toes.

School is also keeping me busy. I am breezing through my math class. I hate my art history 1 class. It's online and the professor isn't very clear on what she is looking for. I'll get through it.

I haven't had time for much else We took the girls to the fair last weekend. They loved looking at the animals and the rides. I fell in love with a floppy earred bunny, but came to my sense and realized it's too darn hot here to keep a bunny.

I will try to write something more substantial when the dust settles.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Book Log

50. "R is for Richocet" by Sue Grafton 352 pages
51. "K is for Killer" by Sue Grafton 292 pages
52. "The Hours" by Michael Cunningham 226 pages
53. "Things Fall Apart" by Chunua Achebe 209 pages
54. "Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident" by Eoin Colfer 398 pages
55. "Frankenstein: The Prodigal Son" by Dean Koontz 469 pages
56. "Frankenstein: City of Night" by Dean Koontz 455 pages
57. "Get Shorty" by Elmore Leonard 292 pages
58. "7th Heaven" by James Patterson (audio book)
59. "Definately Dead" by Charlaine Harris 495 pages (large print)
60. "Blood Noir" by Laurell K. Hamilton 340 pages

I was so not impressed with "Blood Noir." I liked reading the Anita Blake series because Anita was tough as nails and had scruples. I didn't mind some sex in Hamilton's books, but this last one reads like a porn from the opening chapter to the very end. There is so much sex that there wasn't any room for Anita to be a bad ass. I was not impressed.

I liked the two Frankenstein books. Koontz was supposed to release the last one in 2006 but as yet there is still no sign of it. It's a shame because I would love to read it.

I have three more books to read and I'm finished with Sue Grafton's alphabet series. Well, until she writes the next one.

"The Hours," "Things Come Undone" and "Get Shorty" were all on the 1001 books to read before you die list. I didn't like "The Hours" as much as "A Home At the End of the World". "Things Come Undone" was almost painful to read towards the end. It seems to drag on in parts. I liked "Get Shorty," Elmore Leonard has an laid back writing style that is easy to read.

Praying Mantis

Leaving the museum today, I found a praying mantis on my windshield. It was huge and bright green, and, well, it gives me the heebie jeebies. Upon arriving home I found another one above my door. Since I don’t know much about them other than that they are creepy and eat their mates, I decided to go on the internet and find out more about them.

Most of my information comes from Nature's Best. Praying mantis come from the same family as grasshoppers, crickets, and cockroaches (Eww!). There are three main species of praying mantis in North America: European mantid, the Chinese mantid, and the Carolina mantid.

Praying mantises can grow as big as 6 inches long (eww!). They eat butterflies, moths, bees, flies, beetles and other mantises. They also occasionally eat frogs, lizards and small birds.

Praying mantises have two sets of wings but are not distance flyers. Only the males can fly as the females are too heavy with eggs.

Praying mantis females do often eat their partner’s after mating. Ick! If you are so inclined, you can see a video of that here.

Apparently people buy praying mantises to eat bugs in their garden. Some people even keep them as pets. I have even heard of people that let them run loose in their house. To each their own, but I would never be able to sleep if I knew one of those things was running around.

This oil painting by Romérita Prates depicts a scene I swear I’ve seen in my nightmares.

I also found this amigurumi knitting pattern on etsy. Cute but creepy. She also sells patterns for owls, octopi, starfish and more. One of these days I will learn how to knit.

If you’re into jewelry, you can accessorize with praying mantis with this necklace by Artdawgs Jewelry.

Finally, check out this puppet from Kritters in the Mailbox. If your little one loved “Bugs Life” he will dig all the insect puppets they have available.

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