Wednesday, June 9, 2010

List of the Day - Places I want to go we go back to Florida for vacation

1. Cakes by Caroline for a white cupcake with white icing. Her cupcakes are to die for and only 50 cents each.

2. Disney - I'd like to go with my parents or my brother or a small group of people - because Steve won't ride anything fun.

3. Moon Under Water for their curry - nom nom nom.

4. The Dali Museum

5. Tijuana Flats for a Tijuana size vegie burrito with Thai chili sauce

6. Thai house - their panang curry and vegetable soup are the best (even if I will probably have to use my epi-pen to eat it)

7. Caddy's on the beach - what can be better than a day of sun, drinking rum runners while listening to tropical music on one of the prettiest beaches of Tampa Bay?

8. The Indian Market in Pinellas Park - I'm out of rosewater, I'd love some of those pistachio donut ball type of things, and I'm out of henna.

9. The Globe for Chai Tea and to see what weirdness is going on.

10. Italian Village to have pizza with my brother - it's our thing.

11. Greek Village for Tzaziki and Greek salad and to expose Steve to Greek food since he has never been.

12. Ybor City, the Castle and that little dive bar we went to last time. Hopefully we can talk Josh into driving so we can both have fun.

13. To see Courtney to get some highlights.
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