Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I haven't disappeared...

A few people have been wondering where I've been since I haven't updated in a while. I apologize and promise to be back full swing soon.

I have had two 5 week cram courses going on at the same time as my regular classes and between school and work I'm exhausted.

I'm also not feeling well the last few months. They are doing tests on me and hopefully will be able to figure something out soon. My bloodwork from last week came back with good news. I'm not diabetic, and my iron count has doubled in the last six months. I'm still anemic, but it's good to hear that's improving. More blood was taken today for a whole barage of other tests. I also had two moles biopsied. Later, I'll write a blog about skin cancer.

I hope all my online friends are well and I will see you soon.
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