Friday, April 25, 2008


I’m one final down; one more final and my art critique to go. I’m not feeling so great about my Spanish final. I sat down and forgot which verb endings were future, which were past participle, infinitive and so on. People say Spanish is so much easier of a language than English. I beg to differ. There aren’t 66 different ways to say the same verb in English. Not that any of this matters anymore, since I found out mid-semester that I need French, German, and Italian for my major, and Latin is also recommended. I’m not sure what my final grade will be. The bulk of it comes from the quizzes and online work and I got a perfect 100% on that, but the C on the speech and what little I can scrape up on the final worries me.

I’m positive that even if I bomb my speech final (which I won’t) I will still get an A. I’ve gotten close to perfect on everything in that class. And when we played Finals Jeopardy my team won (I got the Bangle’s Greatest Hits CD out of it –which is cool because I was just thinking of upgrading my tape to CD). I feel pretty confident.

As to my art class, who knows? She hasn’t posted half the grades for the semester in the computer. I’ve done pretty well on everything put two pictures – I got docked half a point (on a 2 point project). I will just be glad when this class is over. It’s awful!

I sold my car yesterday (Good bye Focus!) and I got exactly what I wanted out of it. I think it was because I had two people come at the same time. Yay! I drove my new car to school today. It was cold, so I didn’t put the top down, but I did make good use of the seat warmers (Yay! Seat warmers). I’m still getting used to the difference in engines – this one is a V6. I don’t have to give it as much gas as in my car so I’m still a little jumpy on the get-go.

I made lemon cupcakes for mom’s Bible study group tomorrow. I was too busy to make them from scrap, so I just used a box mix. The frosting is lemon as well. One thing I did do, was buy the frosting bags and tips so that I could make the frosting look pretty. I need practice, but I don’t think I did too poorly for my first time. The first picture is a completed cupcake, the second were my works in progress. I added a little bit of yellow sprinkles as well.

I also got my Lush charm bracelet in the mail. Isn’t it cute? Ilovecloudy scented it too. It’s got a light strawberry scent. She also made me this Sex Bomb necklace and scented it rose. My charms are Think Pink, Sex Bomb, Creamy Candy, Rock Star Soap (from the gift set), Iridescent Glitterbug, Sakura, and Flosty Glitter. As you can tell I went with a pink theme. She also made me a HIWTK charm but she didn’t like how it came out so she didn’t attach it to the bracelet. These pictures aren’t the best, as I took them with my camera phone. When my regular camera’s battery finishes charging I will post new pictures. If anyone is interested in jewelry or barrettes with miniature Lush, contact ilovecloudy a.k.a. Skye at zenskye @

She has great attention to detail on the Sex Bomb!

Yesterday after the stress of selling my car, going to the Tax office to get my title, and then transfer it, losing my nose ring and replacing it, mom felt we all needed a break. She, my step-dad and I all went down to Caddy’s on the beach for some sun and relaxation. None of us have drank in a while, so we were all pretty tipsy. I had 2 Rum-Runners over a couple hours, but the bartender made them really strong. Afterwards we ate at Conch Republic.

I know I have more to say, but this week has been exhausting, so I’m turning in for the night (if I can drag myself away from my Scrabulous matches).


Qtpies7 said...

Thanks for entering to win the Amazon gift card on my site.
I hope things worked out with the $25 account. My mom got through to them with less than 5 minutes on hold.
I think they are having some issues at the moment and are having a high volume of calls. Before yesterday I didn't know of anyone who had a problem.

I'm sorry for the hassle, it really worked out great for me and many people.

Qtpies7 said...

I am working with customer support about why people are having problems signing up, but I don't have your email address to use to show them who is trying through my site and not getting it to work. Can you email me so I can try to figure it out, please?

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