Monday, April 7, 2008

Thai food, soap making and puppet sex

Friday was a good day. I took Steve's grandma out to lunch. We went for Thai food on St. Pete Beach. She let me order for her, and likes my panang curry. She even got it with the tofu. We had a lovely time. I was nervous because it's been so long since I've seen her, but she made me feel comfortable immediately. I brought her the framed photo of Steve and I that I had made back in December. We ended talking before we went to lunch and then had a very long lunch. After lunch we wandered the little shops in the plaza and she bought us cute, kissing, monkey salt and pepper shakers. It was nice spending time with her. I really like her. She is nice to talk to and has a lot of spunk.

The only down side to my Friday is that someone scraped my car in the parking lot. They left a note, so that was nice. Pat, in a rare helpful mood, called for me, and made arrangements to take my car to a body shop, and the lady who hit my car will take care of it.

Friday night I was at Emily's until somewhere around 2:30 a.m. She invited her friend, Helen, as well. We had a girl's night making soap. We stopped at Michael's first to get some glycerin and odds and ends. I needed more yarn for the blanket that I'm making and when they heard I could crochet they both wanted to learn too and bought hooks and yarn. It's been almost five years since I've made any soap. I was mostly just getting the hang of it again, and expirementing with scent combinations. I made a really yummy smelling bar for Steve with Colombian coffee, chocolate, vanilla, coconut and a little peppermint. And I made a Monkey Farts bar with banana, honeydew, raspberry and coconut.

We are supposed to get together at Helen's next. I really like her. It was fun having a girl's night. It's so sad that I'm leaving when I finally have some girl friends that live close by and are into the same kinds of things that I am. Helen is going to teach us how to make lavender eye pillows. I had been wanting to make them and when I mentioned it, I discovered Helen used to make them and could teach us. Yay!

When my parents are in Ohio for my sister's operation we will have girl's night at my house. My parent's counters are ideal for spreading out all the scents and molds and other supplies. I had at least 100 scents and Emily has a bunch of her own. We have a ton of molds too. I forgot how much fun soap making was.

Saturday I ran around to a bunch of stores with mom. She is looking for throw rugs and placematts. We stopped by the house of one of our clients that just closed. She gave me a whole bunch of boxes. Boxes are good! Then I can pack. The time is both dragging on and flying by at the same time. I can't wait to be with Steve every day, with our own place. I'm terrified of the whole new job experience, but I know it will all be ok.

Sunday was a bad day. My stepdad was being a jerk - more than usual. I won't go into all the details but I had a margarita for breakfast if that tells you anything. I ended up working most of the day to try to get my desk caught up some. Did some Spanish home work. We had a play that night. "Avenue Q." It's the one I was looking forward to all season. I wasn't that impressed. The acting and singing was incredible.... I just feel some of the content was lacking and in some places unneccessary. It was definately a one-timer for me - but I think my brother would really like it.

There was a whole song with full on puppet sex. It was mildly disturbing. Puppets having sex. Hardcore puppet sex. The song had something to do with you have to be quiet in the library, church, and the ballet, but you should be as loud as you want when you're having sex. It wasn't put quite that delicately though. And then there is a monster that is kind of like Cookie Monster (the whole thing is kind of like an adult Sesame Street) who is addicted to internet porn. He actually says something about how he "whips out his dick and starts to click". Also disturbing. There is a very Bert and Ernie like set of puppets and one of them is Gay and Republican and having issues coming out of the closet. The Ernie like puppet sings a song about how it's ok to be gay and he would still be his friend. There is a song that says we are all a little bit racist (as in telling racial jokes) and if we all just realized that we would get along. Another song had to do with the fact that people get happy when they see homeless people and people struggling or in pain because it makes them feel better about themselves. Another song had to do with the fact that the more you love someone the more you want to kill them - that hate and love are just two sides of the same song. Overall the play had a very strong statement and it had several very good statements. There were just a few things, and I can't think of them off the top of my head (other than the puppet 69) that made my jaw drop and made me feel a little uncomfortable to be sitting next to my parents while it was being said.

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