Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Boredom

I should be writing my final paper for Speech, but I just can't get into it. I'm feeling so "meh" today. I don't really want to do anything. Instead of writing my paper, I'm drooling over bath products on various sites I shouldn't be on because they are too tempting. Like I need more bath stuff. Steve says he has never met anyone with a soap fetish before. He has mentioned Lush rehab a couple times. I keep thinking of ways to justify buying, - like is offering $4 shipping no matter how big your order all month. They also have 15% off with the code "springfling" and I'm sitting here thinking about how they have creams and body sprays that match the Lush soaps that I use (Honey Bee Sweet = HIWTHK and Rock Candy = Rock Star). But I'm behaving. Really I am. The fact that I need to buy a vacuum keeps me in line. But, I should be getting a $60-$75 gift card from my credit card rewards that I can use towards it, and my dad is supposably sending me money for my birthday too. I have a couple I want to look at. I want upright, bagless and I have to have a HEPA filter because of my allergies. Steve has never had a cat, so he may actually find that he has allergies once Luna and I move in.

I went online to log in some coke rewards, and they had sent me notice that my rewards were about to expire. I was slightly irritated. They shouldn't inspire. I thought I was going to have to waste them on contest entries or magazine subsciptions, but to my delight, Sephora gift cards were back. Yay! I had enough points for a $25 gift card to Sephora. It can only be used online though, so I'm not ordering anything just yet. I can get the eyeshadow that has been on my wishlist for a while, but I need to wait until I have money for shipping... and maybe a promo code.

I got a C on my speech in Spanish last Friday. She said that I read my cards, and I mispronounced a few things. Well, what does she expect on the mispronounciation? We had to give a 5 minute speech in Spanish and some of the things I've done the last two years of my life (the speech topic) aren't words that we learned in class. And as for reading my cards - I didn't read them the whole time - but instead of sitting in front of the class so she could see me clearly, she sat in the very back by the food where she couldn't see anyone. I didn't read the whole time. I glanced down from time to time to make sure of where I was. Oh well. Hopefull I do well enough on the rest of the assignments to still get an A.

I got to drive my new car today. Well, it's not really mine yet. Chrysler still has to fix some things while it's warrantied under my mom's name. And her car doesn't get here for 2 more days. This car is bigger than mine, so I have to get used to driving it. I hate that I have to sit high in order to see the front of the car, but then the top of the car/window makes it hard for me to see. Why don't they account for this when they make convertibles? I am pscyhed that I will have a 6 disc changer and heated seats.

I finally finished the library books I've had forever. I read 20 books by February, but then only one in March, and 3 this month. "Shampoo Planet" by Douglas Coupland was disappointing. His books are kind of hit or miss with me. I loved "All Families Are Psychotic". I also just finished "Haunted" by Chuck Palanhuik. It was disturbing, bizzare, but funny. His books are always so strange, but they make you think.I suppose I should get back to my paper and stop procrastinating.

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