Monday, April 21, 2008

Horns and Tails

The last weekend in March, I went to Renaissance Festival with Isaac. I kept seeing people with these horns. I had to have some. At of everything there, that is what I wanted most. Mine are glittery and pink (we all know how much I love pink that glitters) but they also had sparkly purple ones and blue ones... and red is always nice too. I mentioned them at the last crafty girls night, and Helen knows how to make them. She is my new hero! Every time Emily or I mention something, Helen knows how to do it. We're going to try to make some of our own the next time we get together. I'm just wondering if the Fimo expands when you bake it, or if we have to buy huge blocks of the stuff. If that's the case, I may want to get it in advance online. I also wonder if we need to paint them or just buy the colored Fimo. I'm so excited!!!

The other thing at Ren Fest that I saw and really wanted was a fox tail. People had them attached to their belts and were walking around with tails. I wanted one, until I found out they were real. And then I was horrified. I've looked online to try to find faux fox tails but I can't find any. Isaac suggested getting a stuffed animal and cutting it's tail off, but I couldn't live with myself if I did that. Poor stuffed animal. Anyway... I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on making one - that doesn't involve maiming an animal real or stuffed?

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