Monday, April 21, 2008

Cupcake daydreams

I've been dieting all week - trying to keep off the ten pounds I've lost. It's so hard with cupcakes in the house. I could ignore the Tequila Sunrise and Margarita ones that are left - but there are still Devil's Food Cupcakes left and they are calling out to me, "Eat us! We are yummy! You will be happy!." Yes, they are evil. Evil cupcakes. I can't shut them out either. And even as I'm sitting here trying not to think about cupcakes, new ideas pop into my head. Such as, "Hmm, I had a pina coloda yesterday, I wonder how a pina coloda cupcake would taste." And I have boxes of cake mix in the freezer. My mom has Bible study in her house on Saturdays, and I make dessert. The cupcakes last week were a big hit so I'm thinking of making Lemon cupcakes for them this week. With Lemon icing. And I was thinking about decorating with a lemon drop. Is that too much lemon?

I checked some online recipes, and they seem to use lemon frosting with lemon cupcakes. I wish I could make my frosting look as pretty. I guess I need to get one of those squeezy things. Can anyone tell me how to make my cupcakes look like this

I also have boxed cake mixes to make red velvet cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes. I'm not sure on how I want to garnish the red velvet, but maybe a fresh strawberry half on the top of each strawberry cupcake?

Usually I prefer to make my cupcakes from scratch. The boxed mixes are just good for when I'm super busy. After school gets out, I definately want to make the pistachio and rose cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I love the flavor of rose, and I've been wanting to try these out forever. I have enough boxes of soy milk left to make at least six more batches of cupcakes.

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