Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pixie Potions

Last August I won a $20 gift certificate to Pixie Potions. I ended up spending an additional $25 the website. I love all things Faery, so it was hard to resist.

Pixie Potions offers a wide variety of beautifully made and scented bath and body items and faery themed gifts. Amber makes custom scented perfume blends. They are very unique and all that I've smelled are lovely.

She has a wide variety of soaps, all beautifully packaged. I several soaps in Hummingbird, Pixie Dust and Tramp - all wrapped up in mini feather boas. The scents are strong and long lasting and lather nicely.

Pixie Dust Soap (image borrowed from her etsy site)

I ordered six of her bath bombs (I love bath bombs!). They are nice sized, disintigrate nicely without leaving chalky stuff at the bottom of the tub. I also like that her colors are beautiful and most of all, they don't stain my tub.

The tub truffles are one of my favorite items. I ordered them in the orange chocolate truffle scent. They come six to a box and are wrapped up like chocolates. As they melt they release fragrances and moisturize your skin. When I get out of the tub I feel moisturized but not oily, which is a problem that I find with a lot of bath melts. The best thing is that she doesn't actually coat these babies in real chocolate. Bliss Bath does, and my tub is so gross afterwards. It's also makes me a little queasy to see little brown blobs floating in my bath. But you find none of that with Pixie Potions.

Tub Truffles (image borrowed from her etsy site).

I also love the Rose Petal Salve. I have been using Bigelow Rose Balm, but the Pixie Petal's salve quickly replaced the Bigelow balm. It isn't thick and gooey. Instead it's thin and goes on smooth. I feel the salve, but it's smooth and flat and not at all sticky. I use this on my lips and the skin around my mouth. I get dry skin there due to allergies, the sun, and a reaction I have to tooth paste and this salve helps immensely.

My most favorite item, Goat Milk & Honey Lotion, isn't something I ordered. She included it as a free gift because I ordered so much. The scent is called Fairy Candy and it is one of the best things I've ever smelled. I absolutely love it. She describes the scent as, "A whimsical, cotton candy & vanilla scent with notes of fresh berries, bergamot, tangerine & white musk." It smells sweet without being sickeningly sweet. I'm not usually a cotton candy person, but I'm hooked on this. I keep it by my bed and use it regularly. It's definately something I will reorder when I run out. It has a nice consistency and goes on smooth.

I also ordered bath tea and Phoenix tears. I have not used either yet, but only because I have so many bath and body items I haven't gotten to them yet. She also included several soap samples in my order, and a limited edition Halloween gift set that was free with orders over a certain amount. I was very happy with everything that I ordered and I'm confident that you will be too.

Check out her Website or her Etsy site
She is offering a free 4 oz. sugar scrub with all website purchase of $20 or more. Orders over $40 always ship free.

And don't forget to enter her monthly contest by sending an email to including your name, address, and how you found her.

I have had several communications with Amber. She is very friendly, helpful and has excellent customer service. I hope you will check out her site.


Whitney said...

Hey thanks for the info about getting around having to have a credit card! I'll check it out :)

megabrooke said...

oh, those truffles look delightful! and yummy!

thanks for stopping by my site:)

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