Thursday, May 15, 2008

More trips to the doctor

I went to the doctor again yesterday. This time I saw Dr. Chris instead of Dr. Fitz. She is worried that I may be having problems with my gall bladder. She gave me some medicine because my sinuses are infact infected (she actually looked). If I'm not better in a week she wants me to come in and have an ultrasound. I really hope it's not my gall bladder. I don't like going to the doctor and I really don't like having major procedures done. The freaky thing is that my stepsister just had hers removed. That's why my parents were in Ohio.

Hopefully it's just the sinus infection making me throw up. She flushed my ears, said I have major drainage in my throat and my left sinus cavity is red and swollen. I'm taking Allegra, Veramyst, Amoxicillin, Pepcid AC, and Compazine (for the nausea). I hate pills! and now I'm taking 7 a day. She told me to lay off my supplements til I feel better so that's 15 less pills a day for a while. I talked to my sister about her sypmtops when she got diagnosed. A few of them I have but they could be related to other things. For example, I have pain in my shoulders, but I have since I was 14. I was in a bad accidents and got whiplash so bad that it reversed the curvature of my neck. Today I feel more of the symptoms but I think I'm just manifesting them because I'm so worried about having to have my gall bladder removed. I get like that, obcessive.

Today has been better than yesterday. Even though I've been queasy and having hot flashes all day, I haven't tossed my cookies. Last night I was pretty queasy too. I went with mom to show a house, because the guy that wanted to see it asked for her to make sure the home owner wasn't there. He turned out not to be a weirdo, but one of those people that flaunts his money and thinks he is better than everyone else. He just put the house down the whole time he was there. He thinks he's going to get a better price that way.

Afterwards we ran to Big Lots to get plastic storage bins and then to Joann Fabrics. They had the yarn I'm using to make my sister's baby blanket on sale 2/$5 but they were out of stock on the colors I need. Pooh! I did get a nice pink yarn on clearance for $1.97. I'm going to make some crochet elephants out of it. The FIMO is also on sale for 50% off this week. I got some blue FIMO and the last pack of purple glittery for Isaac. He still needs one more, but he'll have to get it by his house. After I picked up my prescription Isaac came over and we watched Hackers. I worked on my blanket a lot. I'm going to be finished with this one soon. It's good because my mom is teaching me a new pattern, the zig zag. I really want to make one like the one seen here It's the coolest crochet blanket I think I've ever seen.

Steve has to go to a specialist today. He has had this horrible cough and his doctor can't seem to figure it out. He's already been through antibiotics, allergy medicines (though I've never heard of allergies giving you a cough) and a chest x-ray. I really hope it's nothing serious. I just found him again - I need him to be around for a long time.

Work today was hellacious. John took off today and tomorrow. The phones rang off the hook, the doorbell kept ringing. I could never complete anything because I had two phone lines going at once, and extra work since John wasn't here. I ended up putting in a 10 hour day and there is still a lot I could do.

On a positive note, my Sephora order came in today. I had been saving My Coke Rewards for over a year. They have Sephora gift cards off and on. That's really what I wanted. When I saw that mine were about to expire, I noticed the Sephora cards were back and I got one. Yay! Here is my treasures:

I got Sephora brand mascara, Hard Candy eyeshadow quads in Sushi and Bronze (just in time too because the site has Sushi on it's last chance list), 3 free fragrance samples, and with a promotion code a free Sephora jumbo lip liner.

I love Hard Candy. My favorite eyeshadow ever was made by them. It was called Exploited and it had the coolest shimmery white, bright pink and chartreuse shadows in it. It was stolen when my house was broken into. It's been discontinued and I haven't found any colors as nice.

Finally here is a picture of Miss Luna doing what she does best (being lazy).


brandy said...

Sephora can pretty much anything better. I'm sure that when I go to heaven (if you know, I go there), I will be met at the gates by a friendly Sephora beauty advisor who will hand me an unlimited gift card and who wants to help me repair split ends and dry elbows.

Lauren said...

I hope you feel better!

I love Sephora as well. I plan on going makeup shopping this weekend and I might just have to stock up on some of the neat things you ended up with!

Mozi Esme said...

Hope you're feeling better by now . . .

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