Thursday, May 15, 2008

101 Adjectives that Describe Me

This was a hard list for me to make. We had to do something like this for my speech class, and it was hard enough coming up with the ten adjectives describing myself. It's hard to even think of 101 adjectives once you sit down to make the list. As part of the speech class assignement we had to ask someone else to describe us in ten words without looking at our list. So if anyone wants to list adjectives they think describe me, they are welcome too. I like seeing what other people think of me - even the bad. It gives me something to work on.

1 accidental (yeah I know, a weird one, but I wasn't planned).
2 amused
3 anxious
4 armed
5 average
6 aware
7 balanced
8 blushing
9 breakable
10 bruised
11 capable
12 chaotic
13 chunky
14 clean
15 clumsy
16 content
17 crafty
18 cuddly
19 cultured
20 curvy
21 dark
22 descriptive
23 determined
24 distracted
25 dizzy
26 dreamy - Given to daydreams or reverie.
27 educated
28 empathic
29 empirical
30 encouraging
31 enthusiastic
32 ethical
33 fair
34 feminine
35 flexible
36 friendly
37 family-oriented
38 giddy
39 giving
40 green-eyed
41 guarded
42 gullible
43 harmonious
44 helpful
45 honorable
46 humorous
47 hungry
48 imaginary
49 imaginative
50 imperfect
51 impulsive
52 inquizative
53 intuitive
54 jittery
55 kind
56 liberal
57 literate
58 loved & loving
59 loyal
60 maddening
61 moody
62 naughty
63 nostalgic
64 obcessive
65 open-minded
66 optimist
67 forgiving
68 overwhelmed
69 pale
70 peaceful
71 personable
72 philosophical
73 polite
74 productive
75 protective
76 real
77 rebellious
78 receptive
79 romantic
80 sassy
81 sensual
82 short
83 sincere
84 soft
85 spirited
86 spiritual
87 strange
88 thankful
89 thoughtful
90 ticklish
91 tolerant
92 upbeat
93 whimsical
94 wide-eyed
95 wisftul
96 youthful
97 zealous
98 stressed
99 passionate
100 playful
101 enduring


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Anonymous said...

I really like all of you words. I can put together someone in my mind that is really fun from them. I am doing the challenge for a school project and hope that mine are awesome just like yours!

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