Saturday, February 9, 2013

Know Me Better (2/9/13)

Know Me Better is a weekly meme hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer.  She posts a set of questions every week.  Answer the questions on your blog, link back on her blog, and then get to know felllow blogs better.

This weeks questions:
I can't live without...
Do you make your bed each morning?
City or Country?
Most embarrassing moment?
What do you think of book trailers?

I can't live without Monster LoCarb energy drink.  I know it's terrible for me, but I am not a morning person at all, and if I don't have it, I'm very grumpy.

I do not make my bed in the morning.  I like to sleep til the very last second, and then I usually oversleep, jump out of bed, throw on my clothes, brush my teeth and run out the door.

I live in the country and I hate it.  I'm from the city, and I miss it very much.  I love having many choices for what I'd like to do on my evenings and weekends.  Living in the country, there aren't a whole lot of options.  Plus there are no ethinic food stores, our restaurants are limited, and clothing store options are limited as well.

I don't know that I have a most embarassing moment.  I embarass myself on a fairly regular basis, so nothing really stands out as the most embarrassing.  There was this one time that I was being goofy coming out of Walgreens and there was a dog in a car barking at me.  I said to the dog in my best Joey (from Friends) voice, "How YOU doin?"  This only became embarassing after I realized the dog's owner was standing right behind me.

I'm ambivalent to book trailers.  To be honest, I rarely ever watch them.  I prefer to come up with my own idea of what characters look like. 


Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

I'm originally from the city, too, but now live in the suburbs. I really miss city life and wish that I could move back there. Maybe someday.


Unknown said...

Lol, I wonder what the owner of the dog thought.
The people they choose for book trailers or movies is never like what I imagined, it takes the fun out of it. I don't feel connected to them anymore. Well, except Channing Tatum as John Tyree on Dear John.

Vonnie said...

I'm not a morning person either but I hate being rushed. I force myself to wake up at least one hour before work so I could get myself ready. If I don't, I have a panic attack.


Kelly @ Books and Beauti said...

I live in a small town so I know how difficult it is to find anything to do and the selection of clothing sucks. Your embarrassing moment sounds very embarrassing. And like something you would see in a movie haha

Kelly @ Dandelion Dreams

Unknown said...

Jennifer, thank goodness for online shopping :D

I'm not into the energy drinks I only had a taste of V the other day but I do love Coke (drink) and it's bad!!!

Come check out my "can't live without" items at my KMB post.

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