Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Review & Giveaway] The Devil's Metal by Karina Halle

Book Blurb: 

It’s the summer of 1974 and 21-year old Dawn Emerson has only three things she wants to do: compete one last time in the Ellensburg Rodeo, win back her ex-boyfriend Ryan, and become the best damn music journalist at Central Washington University. But all her plans are left in the dust when she’s contacted by Creem magazine to go on the road with one of her favorite groups, the up-and-coming metal band, Hybrid.

At first the assignment reads like a dream come true. Not only will Dawn land some much-needed credibility as a female music journalist, but she'll finally get to experience life from the other side of the stage, and maybe crack the drunken, enigmatic code that is guitarist Sage Knightly. Instead, Dawn finds herself on an aging tour bus filled with ego-maniacs, band politics and a whole lot of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. When monsters start showing up in dressing rooms and some of Sage’s groupies become increasingly strange and dangerous, Dawn discovers the band is not only going places – they’re going straight to Hell.
And Dawn has a backstage pass

My Review:
I was excited to read The Devil's Metal because I love music almost as much as I love reading, and the plot revolves around a band on tour and a music journalist.  I had not previously read any of Karina Halle's books, but had heard wonderful things about them.  I was also excited because the book takes place in the 1970's, and I love being transported back in time to another era.

I was not disappointed what-so-ever with The Devil's Metal.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  For starters, it is obvious that Karina did her research about the 1970's.  There is not a single slip-up refering to modern times.  Karina's intell into the music industry is also very evident in this book.

Dawn is an awesome heroine.  She takes a chance to follow her dreams, even though the thought of doing so is outside her comfort zone.  Dawn breaks into the music industry, partly to show her ex-boyfriend she is more than just a small town girl - that she can be more than who he thinks she is.  I've definately been in that situation, and can relate.  Dawn is confident, sassy, and funny.  I dig the strength she shows throughout the book.

Karina Halle does an amazing job at world-building.  I feel like I'm in the 70's experiencing things I was born a decade to late for.  Karina is a very descriptive writer.  The Devil's Metal is gritty and dirty and well, demonic.  Parts of the book scared me silly!  This is the perfect book for this time of year. 

**Caution to my young adult readers, as this book is definately for more mature audiences. 

Author Info:

Karina Halle is a music journalist and all around wino who resides in beautiful British Columbia. When she's not rocking out or taking a nap, she can be found writing her ghost-hunting Experiment in Terror Series. 

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The Devil's Metal (Devils #1)
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Unknown said...

Sounds amazing and I added it... Great pick.

Jenea @ Books Live Forever

Alaska Personal Injury Lawyer said...

I'm really excited about an adult paranormal romance. Far too many (maybe even all) are aimed at teens & whilst they're quite enjoyable, I long for something more mature.
This looks fab :)

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