Monday, October 8, 2012

[Guest Post] The Devil’s Metal and the 1970’s by Karina Halle

A lot of people ask me why I chose the 1970’s as the setting for my novel, The Devil’s Metal. And I say, why the hell not?

First off, I couldn’t have thought of a better time for a young female music journalist to go on tour with a band. The 1960’s? Nah, the scene was just starting. The 80’s? I find that decade tacky and the music heading toward synthesizers and hair bands. The 90’s? I love the 90’s but unfortunately, a lot journalists stopped going on tour with bands for liability reasons. So, why not the 1970’s? It was the decade where women’s liberation really came around, where women music journalists were finally coming up in the ranks, thanks to pioneers like Patti Smith and Lisa Robinson, and rock and roll merged into something called metal, because of writers at Creem magazine and bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Look, I write for myself. I write what makes me happy. And one of the things that make me happy is writing myself into decades I never got a chance to experience. Isn’t that the beauty of literature? As a reader or writer we get to immerse ourselves in new lands, new lives and different time periods. Frankly, I look for books that take me away on a journey and The Devil’s Metal does just that. I’ve never read a book set in the 1970’s that wasn’t written in that time period. So I was totally for writing something a little bit different, giving readers a trip out of the ordinary.
I’ve heard people shy away from this book purely because it’s set in the 1970’s and it makes me laugh. Okay, so I may have picked one of the unsexiest decades to write about thanks to long mustaches, ugly polyester clothing and questionable body hair. But it doesn’t mean it’s an unsexy book. Trust me when I say, it’s not. It’s very sexy and very fun, because how can the 1970’s NOT be fun? The Devil’s Metal combines that freedom and excitement of a country on the verge of something and the music that has just begun to claw its wildness into people’s heart.
So thread some flowers in your hair, pick up a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a copy of The Devil’s Metal and get ready for some sex, drugs and rock n’roll.

About Karina Halle

Karina Halle is a music journalist and all around wino who resides in beautiful British Columbia. When she's not rocking out or taking a nap, she can be found writing her ghost-hunting Experiment in Terror Series. 

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engelsigh said...

I actually liked that the book takes place in the 70's. I enjoy books that transport me to different times. Thanks for being a guest author on my blog.

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