Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Superheroes Wear Faded Denim by Law Reign & GIVEAWAY

Synopsis:  Blissany Cherry is tired of sleeping around. Her neurologists’ sleep solutions have failed her. Now that her bizarre sleeping habits have begun to include week long dreams she has resorted to her own methods for a cure.

METHOD ONE: CONTROL DREAMS. All attempts to morph dreams about a gorgeous warrior into romantic fantasies are thwarted. He keeps on insisting she is destined to marry a great king and lead their armies into war. At the end of every dream he asks her: will you fight the war and save mankind?
She laughs in his face.

METHOD TWO: RESIST! Blissany has plans for her life. None include fighting an intergalactic war. When her dreams begin spilling over into reality, she is forced to make a decision that will forever redefine her life. Standing between destiny and desire, she is left with only one option.


Review:  Superheroes Wear Faded Denim ($2.99 on Kindle) is an often fun, sometimes dark and gritty story about Blissany Cherry and her friends in their struggle to juggle regular university life and saving saving the world.  The writing is excellent.  Every detail is tied together perfectly and there are no loose ends.  The characters are solid characters - they're believable in the circumstances that they're in, likable, and easy to relate to.   I like that this book is told from multiple point-of-views so that you get insight into different characters personalities and feelings.

Excellent read, and this author is going on my favorites list.

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