Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Depth of Deception by Alexander Galant

Synopsis:  The year is 1982, and a beautiful young woman, dressed in Edwardian clothing, is found floating unconscious in the North Atlantic with a 1912 boarding pass to the RMS Titanic. Over in England, Callum Toughill, an insurance investigator, is assigned the case of a missing brooch that was stolen during a horrific, unsolved murder in 1909 Glasgow. He is chosen because it was his own grandfather who had botched the original investigation. Despite the painful family memory and likelihood that all evidence will be long gone, Callum dives in. As he begins to uncover the tangled truth that the missing brooch may have ended up on the ill-fated RMS Titanic, someone is one step ahead, trying to stop him. Miraculously the mysterious young woman, nicknamed 'Myra' because of the inscription on her locket, survives and awakes in a Manhattan hospital with no memory of who she is. Myra’s vague recollections are from the gilded age of 1912 and she is lost in the alien, harsh world of 1982. A respected and wealthy Titanic survivor named Edward Hoffman assists in exposing her as a fake, but the plan backfires and stirs up more details in Myra's memory which include the fact that Edward may be her son. Is it a bizarre case of time-travel or an elaborate hoax?

Review:  Depth of Deception is a time-travel mystery that involves a mystery on the Titanic.  A young women is found in 1982 dressed in clothing from the early 1900's with a Titanic boarding pass in her belongings.  When the girl wakes up in the hospital, she is nick-named Myra because of an inscription on her locket.  Myra's memories are all from the early 1900s.  At the same time, Callum Toughill is trying to solve a mystery of a missing broach that disappeared along the same time.  A Titatnic survivor, Edward, tries to prove that Myra is fake.  The three characters are involved in a strange mystery that spans time.

I liked the pace and writing style of Alexander Galant's writing.  There are a lot of details to remember jumping back and forth between present time and the 1912 but Mr. Galant pulls it together and makes it work.  I found myself caught up in the story and trying to figure the mystery out.  The characters were all masterfully developed, and Mr. Galant did an excellent job of tying in historical facts.  I cannot wait for Mr. Galant's next book.

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