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10 Things You Never Knew About Alexander Galant

Until recently, Alexander never wanted to be a writer. Although he always enjoyed reading, he hated English class. He also didn't do well in History. Although both 'Dracula the Un-Dead' and 'Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery)' have received high praise for their rich, historical details, Alexander failed his grade 10 history class. He received high marks on his American Civil War exam only because of what he had read in John Jake's novel 'North and South', not from how it was taught in school. The class was very dry, and boring. In his opinion, history is exciting and deserves better than that.
Alexander may not smoke or drink alcohol but he *needs* his two cups of coffee in the morning. He used to drink over 10 cups of coffee a day, but now that causes his eye to twitch.  He will cook with alcohol. Like marinate steaks with Jack Daniels, beer burgers or red wine for a rich BĂ©arnaise sauce.
As a child, he had a dog that was half wolf. She was very protective of Alexander and though she's been gone for 20 years, he still misses her. He has not owned a dog since.
In his youth, Alexander used to be an Elvis impersonator (now they're called 'Tribute Artists'). Not only did he do his own singing, but he also had a replica of the famous Gold Lamé Suit and a full black leather '68 Comeback Special style outfit.
When he was 18, Alexander was in a car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. He was lucky that it was only a bruised spinal cord. For a few years after that, Alexander would do charity concerts as 'Elvis' to raise money for spinal cord research.
His wardrobe is mostly black and his wife ribs him often about his 100 black T-shirts (this may be an exaggeration). When his daughter was three years old, she picked out a green shirt for him for variety. He still gets compliments on that shirt.
For the longest time, his nickname was the Master of Darkness. It originated from his days as a Stage Manager in theatre, where crew people often wear black (The T-shirt collection may have started at this point). When a Stage Manager speaks to the actors and crew via the main sound system, it's often called 'The Voice of God' because it is so grandly broadcast throughout the building. When Alexander asked for everyone's attention one day, a crewmember joked, "Yes, God?" to which Alexander replied in an ominous voice, "Do I look like God to you?" The crewmember quickly quipped, "Forgive me, O Master of Darkness!" Shortly thereafter, Alexander started a small production company and called it Master of Darkness Productions. He has won awards in many film festivals around the world for his short films ever since.
Alexander surprised many people when he directed two of his favourite musicals: Singin' in the Rain and The Wizard of Oz. They didn't expect so much 'light' from the Master of Darkness. For both productions he combined his film experience and theatre knowledge to create the magic live on stage.
Alexander first had the idea for "Depth of Deception" back in 1990 when he saw a tabloid headline, but it wasn't until he became a father that he had the heart of the story. If he could, Alexander would defy the laws of physics and time to protect his children, so he wondered what might happen if someone claimed to be doing just that.
Alexander has a large collection of research books about Victorian London, including Victorian etiquette and old maps of the underground waterways that no longer exist. It was all going to be used for his next novel Bloody Mary Kelly but that has been put to a back burner as he's now researching a new novel set in a different time period. For more details why:
Alexander thanks you for reading, and hopes you visit his next tour stop!
 Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery):
All other formats & Info on official site:
About the Author:  Alexander Galant was the historical researcher for the novel 'Dracula the Un-Dead', which was on the New York Times Best Sellers list in October 2009. Alexander also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation that was optioned briefly by Jan de Bont and adapted the novel into a dramatic stage reading for the Toronto book launch of Dracula the Un-Dead, which brought out the highest turnout for any event on the book tour. 
Alexander has also written and directed several short films including "The Jigsaw Puzzle", which won the Festival Buzz Award (most talked-about film) in the New York Independent Film Festival; "First Light", Winner Bronze Remi Award for Fantasy Horror at the WorldFest Houston, USA, Special Commendation Award at the Festival of Fantastic Films, UK, and Best Technical Achievement from the International Festival of Cinema and Technology; "The Missing Piece", Winner Silver Remi Award for Suspense Thriller at the WorldFest Houston, USA; and co-wrote and directed "Star Wars: Blasted Behavior", a finalist in the Atom Films/LucasFilm Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge (George Lucas was one of the judges), which also won the Best Foreign Sci-Fi Film Award at the New York International Film Festival and continues to make the festival circuit this year. 
Alexander's love of historical details can also be seen in some of the stage productions he has directed, such as the silent film era of "Singin' in the Rain" (Act-Co Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in Live Theatre), a 50-year span in "Love Letters" and the World War II Amsterdam annex for "The Diary of Anne Frank".

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