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Demon Vampire by Virgil Moore

Synopsis from Goodreads:  Demon Vampire asks the question, if given the choice to have power, grace, and immortality at the cost of your soul, what would you do? What if the choice was easier than you think? Small incremental segments of you childhood for a boost in strength? The ability to protect your loved ones for the corners of your mind that you don't often use? Regeneration for the traits that make you who you are? If faced with a grave decision of morality, what would you choose?

Demon Vampire covers 6,000+ years of history over four different time lines and a plethora of developed characters. It is an epic vampire novel at 242,000+ words.

My review:
Demon Vampire is an epic vampire story spanning centuries and filled with mystery and emotion.  The book is over 500 pages, but the story is so well written that you are drawn in and finished reading before you know it.  The characters are well crafted and the world in which these characters live rich and detailed.  It’s evident in the beautiful prose that Virgil Moore was formerly a poet.  His writing style is eloquent and beautiful.

Demon Vampire cannot be compared with other vampire stories out.  His approach is unique and captivating.  You really get a sense of the feelings and emotions in these vampires as opposed to just their bloodlust.  The book is also written in a more mature style and the feelings are sometimes dark and not the candy coated sparkly feelings of a certain young adult vampire series. 

I really enjoyed this rich, powerful vampire story and will be looking forward to reading more by Virgil Moore.

Virgil Allen Moore has been writing for seventeen years. He began as a poet and eventually turned to long fiction. In his words "My pen wields visceral morality as I write. I use my poetic knowledge to woo and satiate the minds of the world." His books are written for their vivid imagery and well defined storytelling. He blends old world refinement with a modern feel in a way that gives strength to the core of his novels. With his books, you are left not just with a sense of accomplishment, but a moral choice. The reader has choice over how they feel through the story. The ordeals of the characters are transmuted to the reader, lending a direct sensation of emotion that only the best novels can evoke. When you read his words, you will be rewarded. As he says, "If you enjoy vampires, you will be enthralled by mine."

Publisher Erudite Small Press
511 Redground Dr
Ruther Glen, VA 22546

Epic Paranormal Dark Mystery
Release Date October 30th, 2011

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