Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Arizona was great. I wish I was there right now. Everything was pretty much final before, but now that I’ve been there, I’m 100% sure about moving. I didn’t see too much of Phoenix, just a small section by the airport, but I like Prescott a lot better. It’s a smaller town... but it just feels better. I’ll be ok when in two years it’s time to move to Phoenix... but I’m pretty sure once I’m done with my degree I will want to get out of there. Too big. Too hot. I’m not opposed to big cities... it’s just that it’s not a Seattle or NYC. It’s more like an Atlanta to me.

I checked out the college while I was there, and Yavapai seems pretty much like SPC in layout. I met with the academic advisor there. They want me to take another math - Concepts in College Math - which I think is ridiculous considering I’ve already take College Algebra and Statistics which are both higher level courses. Also because In AZ the science classes are 4 credits instead of 3, and require a lab, I have to take another science class. My biggest irritation is that they want me to take Western Civilizations 1, 2, & 3 when I’ve already done Western Humanities 1 & 2. Professor Pennington forwarded over the course outlines & syllabus for Humanities, so we are trying to see if we can get around it. My advisor is also talking to someone at ASU to see if I can getaway with not taking these classes since I will already have my AA. Regardless of what classes I have to take there... I’d rather be there taking them now than here. I’m really over my classes here, and ready to be out of here. I saved Speech for last because I dreaded it. The Drawing class was kind of a last minute surprise. The Spanish I like but now she expects us to give a 5 minute speech about the last two years of our lives and we aren’t allowed to use an outline or notecards. Public speaking is not one of my strengths... I freeze up... I shake the podium. I can’t even give a speech in English for 5 minutes with out notecards/outline because i forget what I’m going to say the moment I get up there and everyone is staring at me.

Enough complaining...I was really nervous about meeting his friends and parents. His friends are cool. They’re all funny, down-to-earth, and easy to like. It’s really cool that these people have been his friends forever. One of them he went to elementary school with. They’re all kind of like family. I really like his mom. She’s very sweet and funny too. She has great tastes in books (always a plus with me). I only met his dad twice and we’re facebook and myspace buddies now. He’s really nice too. I can’t wait to get to know them both better.

We went to Jerome and Sedona while I was there. I loved Jerome - hated the ride up. The ride up is something like 10 miles, 150 curves, hardly any guard rails, and straight down drop offs. It wasn’t too bad until close to the top. The view was spectacular and then I looked down. No guard rail. Thousands of feet of air down to the bottom. I was holding on for dear life. Jerome is kind of a hippie down hanging off the side of a mountain. Seriously, I don’t know what’s holding some of the house up. It’s also kind of an artsy town... little galleries, funky shops, handmade jewelry, blown glass, fairy balls, kaleidascopes. It was cool. Lots to look at. We ate at The Haunted Hamburger. The food was really good. They are famous for their cakes. The people next to us split a piece, and it was the size of a small child. We had a drink in a bar that used to be a brothel. A lot of the buildings were really old and interesting. The hotel used to be the assylum. I will definately want to hang out there some more, and thankfully there is another road that isn’t so curvy to get there. Sedona was beautiful. When I go back, I’d like to go into some of the parks and go hiking. I got carsick on the way home. Mostly because the road is windy and I would be looking out the window at a scene and it would just suddenly shift as we went around a curve.

I was a little sad about the lack of green in Prescott (and Phoenix too), but the view from Jerome and Sedona made that ok. We’ll just get lots of house plants. And honestly, since I’ve been back home, I don’t really care about the green I’m surrounded by. I just want to be there, with Steve, and that’s really all that’s important. It was really hard leaving. I cried when he left Florida. But this was worse - me being the one that had to actually get on a plane and fly away. I’ve actually been a little depressed since being home. I hate being apart. This relationship was sixteen years in the making, so four more months shouldn’t kill me, but sometimes it feels like it. He decided to fly out in May for my graduation... neither one of us wanted to wait until July. It’s just amazing to finally be with the one I’ve wanted forever. To be with someone who knows me... all the bad and the good - since I was young - and he accepts me for who I am and doesn’t want to change me. He’s just so beautiful in every way and I can’t wait to grow old together.

There are two Thai restaurants in the Prescott area. One was closed the day we went to try it. The other one is ok, but it’s no where near as good as my place here. The panang curry is completely different. I suppose I can live with it... but I will also miss Ying. She bought me fried bananas for my birthday when I went in on Saturday to eat. And my place has the best soup ever. Oh well. I’ll adjust. There is absolutely no Indian that I could see... so I will have to save samosas, masala, and rose ice cream for when I come home to visit. I will also have to save Lush for special occasions now... because the closest one to where I will be living is in Scottsdale (long drive) and stuff will melt in the AZ heat if I order it from the website. It’s too expensive anyway. Other than those things, and no ocean - Arizona is going to be great.

Oh, and all those tall cacti on the way to Phoenix made me laugh. I don’t know why, I just found them extremely amusing.

Now I’m just counting down the days until I move. I’ve already started packing. Mom gave us her dishes. I’ve been shopping Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls when I can, to try to pick up the things we need. It makes me really happy to go out and find stuff for "our" place. Mom is out looking for things too... and cleaning out her cabinets to find stuff she can give me. Oh, and another positive thing - I will finally have use for all the lotion people buy/give me all the time that I’ve had no use for in Florida.

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