Friday, September 21, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Dancing with Death by Andrea Heltsley

Synopsis:  Murders have plagued the woods in the past, making them a place of fear. Eighteen year old Wendy and her friends become worried when a new string of murders come to their high school. After a horrible car accident, Wendy returns to school, going from wallflower to popular overnight. As the murderer edges closer to Wendy she realizes things are changing. She is afflicted with nightmares that are all too real and she herself is undergoing unnatural changes. Learning the truth about her past, could be the key to saving her future.

My Review:  Andrea Heltsley once again writes a page turning story in Dancing With Death.  I have read several books by Andrea, all paranormal in nature - and this one does not disappoint.  Andrea's paranormal is not your standard everday vampire/werewolf kind of stories.  Anything she writes is always new and different than everything else on the market.  Dancing With Death is no different in that regard. 

Wendy who was just an average girl, who didn't get a lot of attention, gets in car accident.  When she returns back to school, she is suddenly noticed by everyone and has two guys vying for her love (or at least lust).  Brandt is the new guy and Matt is the young, hot, school librarian.  Wendy finds herself getting hot and heavy with both guys - trying to keep her relationship with Matt from Brandt.  It's not a very admirable characteristic but, the reason is eventually explained, so Wendy's behavior can be forgiven.  I won't say what that is - because I don't want to give it away.  Trust me, when you read it, you'll see!  Out of the boys, I'm team Matt all the way.  What book loving girl wouldn't love a hot librarian boy?

As with other books by Andrea Heltsley, Wendy has great friends.  Halle and Jackson stand by her side and are 100% supportive as she is experiencing nightmares about death, getting phone calls from dead girls, and digging into her past to discover all the weirdness going on in her life.  I think its great to have a good support system.

I hope that in the second book Wendy grows more as a character.  She spends way to much time focusing on her clothes.  I know that's normal for a teen - especially one who goes from unnoticed to suddently noticed by everyone.  I just wish we had gotten to know more about her than what's on the surface.  Overall, this is a good start to a series, and I can't wait to see how it progresses and how the characters develope.

About the author:  I am a biology nerd who decided it was more fun writing than dissecting. I have written three novels and four more will be out in 2013. I live on coffee and read like a robot. My husband and two italian greyhounds usually have to tear me away from the computer...imagine that. :)
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