Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Best Friends I'd Love to Have for Myself! by Guest Author Devon Ashley

Book Best Friends I'd Love to Have for Myself! (in no particular order)

1. Hermione (Harry Potter - duh!) - Never ever would I have to worry about bullies like Draco Malfoy again. heh heh

2. Sophie (Falling in Between) - Yeah, she's my creation, and that's probably why I love her so. She's sassy...and a little bit dirty.

3. Pamela (Dearly Departed) - She didn't seem like much in the beginning but by the end, this girlie kicked @ss! In apetticoat no less!

4. Darla (Ashfall) - Uh...the perfect friend for an apocalypse. I'll admit I won't know how to survive, but if I attach myself to Darla's hip, I just might!

5. Puck (Iron Fey) - Seriously? Do I really need to explain why Puck would be a totally awesome BFF? (Best Faery Forever!)

6. Kyle (Hemlock) - Cause sometimes a girl just needs to feel protected, and Kyle's arms are practically inpenetrable.

7. Gayle (Hunger Games) - It's good to know someone will always have your back, no matter what.

8. Elodie (Hex Hall) - Okay, so this is more a frenemy thing than best bud thing, but sometimes you need one of those too!

So did I miss any? :) Who else would make the super best friend list?

Look for my review of Devon's new book Dust on September 19th.

Devon is having a giveaway (enter below) for two pixie themed prize packs.  Squee!  She has Lush included in the grand prize (my favorite thing other than books).  Enter below.

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Myra White said...

Love the list! I don't know a few those books, maybe I should add them to my TBR pile. Hermione and Puck would be cool friends, one to help you with your studies and one for comic relief.

liane_sh said...

Loved the list . Personally I would pick hermoine as my friend too :)

dusty katt said...

Very nice. Thanks for the new list of books to check out.

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