Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holiday Lush

Sorry to be posting so much tonight, but I just stopped by the Lush website to see if the Halloween items are out yet since I'll be going there next week, and to my surprise and pleasure the Christmas items are out.  I'm majorly geeking out about that. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites (or what I think will be a favorite):

"Where do we start with the Magic Wand? There are just so many things to love about it. Let's start with the looks, a sweet pink star atop a wand with ribbons and bell. The beloved cotton candy fragrance is borrowed from our seasonal best-seller Snow Fairy. Then, there is the pure genius of being able to use it over and over for many baths. With Helen's invention of the amazing multi-use Bubble Bar mixture, this one can be swirled around in the tub to make mass amounts of bubbles, then put aside to dry for the next bath. Magic! For lovers of all things Snow Fairy! Each Magic Wand creates multiple candy-scented bubble baths. It may not come with whistles, but it certainly comes with bells and ribbons! " (From the Lush site)

 ABOMINABALL "Seeing as The Boog Bath Bomb isn't returning this year, we just had to have another snowman bomb one way or another. Abombinaball it is then! He rattles when you shake him. “What's inside?”, we hear you cry - you'll have to drop him in the tub to find out! We will tell you he's got a stunning vanilla, peppermint and sweet orange oil fragrance, and a bit of a froth in his fizz, making him bob gently around in the tub to comfort and delight you on a cold winter night."

"For an out-of-this-world bathing expedition, pop a Rocketeer Bath Bomb in the tub. The blue rocket pack shoots around your tub, leaving a wake of froth, fizz and the sweet scent of candy sticks. Watch the water change from blue to yellow to green as the yellow “flames” push the rocket around the tub. We made this one to entice our little ones into the tub for an exciting adventure, but it turns out (as usual) we like using it ourselves too!"

"Sprinkle a touch of Stardust over someone's Christmas by presenting them with this fetching parcel of seven limited edition, sugary bath and shower products. This gift is extra special this year as it includes one of our most exciting new inventions, the Magic Wand re-usable Bubble Bar, which shares the cotton-candy scent of Snow Fairy Shower Gel and (as the name suggests), can be used again and again. If you happen to be a fan of all things fruity and sweet, you may want to buy this box for yourself! For those who love all things pink, sparkly and sweet. "
CHRISTMAS STAR GIFT: "Six bathing beauties are to be found inside this gorgeous, re-usable gold box. Christmas Star is a gift we've had for many Christmases here at LUSH, but it's always so popular that we keep bringing it back! This year's incarnation contains three of our returning Christmas favourites, and three of our newest inventions. It's sure to brighten up the holidays for the shining star on your gift list."

Old Favorites like Snowcake and Snowfairy are back this year too!

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TheReadingOwl said...

Yay! Another one who loves Lush! I'm so excited about their Christmas products! Unfortunately I don't have a bathtub :(

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