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Review: For Ever by C.J. Valles

Synopsis:   For Ever starts now 
Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan doesn't want to know what other people are thinking about her because most of the time it sucks. Too bad since that's what happens every time she looks into someone's eyes. 

When she moves to Portland, Oregon, after her parents divorce, Wren's just hoping to get through the rest of her junior year unscathed. Instead, before the end of her second day in school, she wakes up in the hospital after her very own freaky demonic-possession incident. Wren can't remember much. But soon she finds out that her episode happened right after she locked eyes with the one classmate who happens to have gone missing. 

Wren starts digging through people's heads for the truth about him, and finds nothing. Godlike hotness? Yep. But nobody knows who Ever Casey really is. Even weirder, they don't seem to care that he just disappeared. So, when he randomly shows up again in her first period class, she's determined to get some answers. He may be perfect on the outside, but with one look into his eyes, Wren discovers his mind is also perfect...  perfectly empty. 

Or is there something he doesn?t want her to see there that will put her and anyone near her in danger? 

When For Ever ends, Never begins. 
Never, the second book in The Ever Series, is coming soon.

Review:  For Ever is a cute and fast read by author C. J. Valles.  The story revolves around two characters Wren and Ever (Wren is the female and Ever is the male).  I like both names, but had a little bit of time adjusting to the genders because when I think Wren I think of Footloose (the one with Kevin Bacon, yes, I know, I'm giving away my age).  I have an acquaintance with a daughter named Ever.  Once I got my head wrapped around that, I was good to go.

For Ever takes place in Oregon.  It seems like there are a slew of books lately that take place there.  Reading about it in this book (and others) makes me want to visit.  It sounds really pretty despite the rain.  Wren moves to Oregon with her mother after her parents get divorced.  As if dealing with the fallout from divorce and moving away weren't enough to deal with, Wren also can read people's minds.  That may sound cool, but it's not.  It's not fun knowing what people think about you - especially when it's not nice.

Enter the love interest, Ever.  The first time Wren looks into Ever's eyes (which is how/when she reads minds) he disappears for weeks.  Another interesting thing - Wren couldn't read his mind - all she found was emptiness.  Ever isn't a human.  He isn't a vampire either.  What is he?  You will have to read it and find out.

Here are some things I liked about the book:

Wren has a good relationship with her mother.  It seems like too many young adult novels feature eye-rolling teenagers who think their parents don't know anything.

Ever is swoon worthy - and different.  I can't wait to learn more about him in the sequel.

The writing is very, very well done.  The pacing is perfect, the language clean and readable.  The characters talk like real people.  

The characters are well developed and the world-building is excellent. 

Here are a few things I didn't like so much:

Wren is klutzy and needs to be saved.  I am not a fan of that.  It seems like so many books lately feature klutzy girls with no confidence.  I like strong female characters, that are real - they have weak moments but can take care of themselves - when it comes down too it.  There is nothing wrong with needing help in life - but I don't like it when the characters always needs help.  It seems like towards the end of the book Wren was beginning to be a little stronger.  I would like to see how she develops as a character in book two.

The cover is very vanilla.  A pretty cover would really make this book grab attention more.

There is a love triangle.  

There are similarities to Twilight - but the writing in For Ever is much better.

Overall I give the book 3.75 stars.  

About the author:

grew up in Southern California before moving to Northern California for college, where I majored in English and psychology. I've been a professional writer for more than a decade, but I just finished my first novel in 2008 -- for fun and practice. Then I wrote the second one -- For Ever -- which is for sale on Amazon. When I'm not writing fiction, I work as a freelance public relations writer. I live in Portland, Ore., with my husband, the saint who spent an entire weekend reading For Ever.
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"Wren has a good relationship with her mother" So many books have the young hating their family so I like this character.

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