Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Author J.F. Jenkin's on Alien Appearances

When most people think of alien life from another planet, they think of little green men, or tentacle monsters, or some other kind of bizarre looking creature. The aliens in my novel “Battlefield” are nothing of the sort. In fact, they look all too human.
The aliens from Altura are described as only having a slight difference in genetics, maybe 1% if that. Their home planet is very similar to Earth, only slightly larger in size creating a different population and planetary mass. Altura days are also longer and so is their year. They also have more than one moon. A lot of the animals on Altura are the same as on Earth but with slight variations: more legs, different colored fur, and other things like that.
Alan, my alien from Altura, has a lot to learn about Earth culture. But outside of his quirky behaviors, nobody from Earth would know he was another planet. He's fairly tall, but not abnormally so. In fact, him being tall isn't normal for the part of the nation he's from. Neither is having blond hair and blue eyes. It's more normal for an Alturan to have a different color of hair than it is for them to have what we consider “normal”. His shipmate for example has bright red hair, and others have different colors of natural highlights. Alturans blend in all too well. They feel the same emotions, have the same motivations, and live fairly similar lives to those of the people on Earth.
So why do this? Why make Altura not all too different from Earth? Because I wanted to show that just because someone is from a place that's far away doesn't mean they're completely different. There might be a few things not the same, usually cultural norms, and it's these things that make getting to know someone from another place interesting.

Book Blurb: 
Cadence, JD, and Orlando couldn’t be more different from one another. Under normal circumstances, the three wouldn’t so much as say hi to each other if they could get away with it. Then an alien crashes through the roof of their local mall, and everything changes. Not only do the three teens gain new abilities, but they’re also chosen to help fight in an intergalactic war where the next chosen battlefield is Earth.
Reluctant at first, they change their minds when the fight hits close to home. Teenagers from school start to go missing, and some are dead. Together they must learn to work together and solve the mystery behind these disappearances before more lives are lost.
Author Info:
J.F. Jenkins lives in Minneapolis where she spends most of her time creating and plotting world domination – something that has been in the works for roughly 13 years.
In her free time she works as the local coffee wench and dominates the minions of the pixilated world on her PS3.
She’s also got a little man (J Walk) and a little man trapped in a big man’s body (J Dawg) to take care of along with her two fur babies Ushi and Tibu.
She is currently unrepresented by an agency. Email with questions and comments.
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