Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Goals and Vision

Today I want to talk about my goals for 2018.  I don't say resolutions - because it has been my experience that resolutions are made to be broken.  I have made goals for 2018 - goals that have been broken down into smaller chunks and put into my planner.  I also made a vision board for 2018.  It's my first time every making a vision board, and a little on the ambitious side.

In 2018 I want to pay off and close at least one credit card.  I have a 5 year plan to be debt free, and I have been using the Avalanche Method to pay things off.  I plan to do this buy making an extra payment on one of my cards with the extra money I have from the cards I closed out in 2016 and 2017.  I also plan to put my work expense reimbursements towards paying off my cards.  I also had surgery in December so there will be some medical bills to pay off as well in the first quarter of this year.

In 2018 I want to be healthy.  To me this means eating clean and gluten free.  I am someone who has a legitimate health issue with gluten, but I do good for a while and then slip up and it all goes down hill from there.  I ended up bloated and feeling ill but I keep eating it because my body has become addicted to the taste of it again.  So in 2018 I want to make this a permanent way of life.  Being healthy also means getting plenty of exercise, sunlight, taking my vitamin D (prescription strength), and meditating.  I also really want to get back into yoga not only for my health, but I would someday like to get certified to teach.  I would like to do Tough Mudder in 2019 - so as soon as I am healed from my surgery my husband and I both need to work on strength training and running.

In 2018 I would like to travel and have more experiences than material things.  To me, this means utilizing the library instead of buying books.  It means that I really have to curb my impulse buying - because impulse buying and to an extent retail therapy have been weaknesses of mine.  I have made vast strides in eliminating retail therapy from my life but the impulse buying has been a slightly harder habit to kick.  This also means drinking coffee at home and packing a lunch rather than eating out or getting coffee at Circle K or worse - Starbucks. 

I would like to do a lot of mini in-state experiences that don't have to cost a lot.  Some ideas are touring the Japanese Friendship Gardens, Montezuma's Well, hiking in Sedona, look for crystals at Quartzsite, visit the airplane graveyard in Tucson (a la Can't Buy Me Love) and checking out the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.  For out of state trips I'm planning to get back to Florida to take my broker's course.  I'd also like to spend some time around the holidays either with my cousin in Columbus or my brother in Atlanta.  My husband may get to travel somewhere for work this year - and of course I love to tag along and check out new places.  In 2017 it was Memphis and we had a great time.

In 2018 I want to focus on creativity.  I haven't made much time for it over the last couple years.  I started this year by making a vision board.  I also have some collage and art journal pages that I'm planning on making.  I have the materials to make slime with the kids and to make bath bombs, flowered bath salts, candles, lip balm, solid lotion and salves.  I'd love to make a dream catcher and a terrarium, some wind chimes, a crystal crown, flavored butter and infuse my own vodka.  I have some photo books and some scrapbooks that are way overdue.  And as soon as we get our oven fixed I want to try out some new recipes.  I bought my husband a multi-tool that does wood burning and leather work and soldering.  I plan to see what I can do with that as well.

In 2018 I want to read 175 books.  I read 166 in 2017.  I want to read at least 1 non-fiction book a month.  I want to do reviews at least on all the NetGalley and Edelweiss books I have.  I want to read several books to improve my business and also books to increase my spirituality.  I'm participating in several challenges on Goodreads and I want to follow them to completion.

In 2018 for personal development and growth I plan to plant a garden.  I want to take a cooking class. I want to take some herbal classes at the apothecary.  In the fall I want to get Reiki certified.   I also want to be better at doing the Questions to Empower Your Day and Evening Power Questions from my Law of Attraction Planner.  I want to continue to have time with my Tribe and I also want to make time for family fun and date nights with my husband.

What are your goals for 2018?

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