Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sunday Post

I didn't get a whole lot of reading done this past week as the kids were on Fall break. Also I was trying to catch up on episodes of Supernatural and the Blacklist. I did get the chance to check out Hastings final days of business. All new books are 70% off and used books, media, comics, etc are 90% off.  I made quite a hall for only $37.71.

Feverborn: A Fever Novel I have loved this series from the beginning.  I am not caught up yet.  I have two books to read before this one, but I couldn't pass it up at this price.

Black Knight (Witch World) I have the first book in the series.  Again, I couldn't pass up the great deal.  It was $3.60 brand new.

The Lifeboat Clique I was really surprised they still had this book left, as it came out this year, and most of the newer books have already sold out. 

Ascend: A Trylle Novel This is the final book in the Trylle series.  It is a very different take on faery mythology.

The Museum of Heartbreak Another book from this year that was on my wish list, and I was surprised to find still available in the final days of the sale.

Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal I found this at the last minute, and I am so glad that I did.  I love Supernatural and this book was on my wish list.  As soon as I finish Bobby's journal I will be starting on this one!

Paper Towns This is one of those books I feel like everyone has read except me.  Well, anything John Green to be Exact.  I got the audio book version brand new for only $4.50!

Did anyone else get any exciting book deals this week?

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