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Guest Post: Between the Lines: (Mostly) Unknown Facts About Jeric From The Space Between

Along The Space Between release tour, we’re sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits about the book, the characters and more. Things that fall “between the lines” of the story’s prose. So here’s Jeric, one of the main characters, sharing a few (sort of) unknown facts about himself. I have to give a little warning: the mature content warning on the book is mostly due to Jeric. But you can’t help but love him. 

Jeric *with a shrug*: I am who I am. What you see is what you get. Except for those parts I don’t want to talk about. Here’s a taste of me—enjoy the tease *snarky grin*: 

  1. I had a good life. An awesome life. Until I was 14 and sh—crap got real. Too real, if you ask me. And then life sucked. It still sucks big ones. Until I met Leni, anyway. But back thenI had it all. A great family. Friends. Life in a two-story house in the suburbs. But it was all a beautiful lie. 
  2. Neither of my parents was musically inclined, but my first grade music teacher noticed my talent right away. The next thing I knew, I was in piano lessons. Then the guitar and the saxophone and my parents even gave in to the drums. They made a room in the basement into a music room with all of my instruments. Guess I was kind of spoiled. Probably shouldn’t give Leni so much crap about that. 
  3. I can play any song on just about any instrument by ear. Well, I used to anyway. Not exactly anymore. So enough about music. 
  4. They say some guys are boob men, others are legs and others are butts. I don’t see how they can pick a favorite part. I can’t. I like them all. 
  5. don’t back down from fightsActually, I throw the first punch. But the whole professional thing sucks. I don’t care who you are, eventually, you’re going to get hit. The better you get, the better the other guy in the ring with you. The pains a rush. The adrenaline’s a turn-on. But I can do without the cuts and bruises. It’s kind of hard to appreciate a woman’s body when your swollen cheek is blocking the view and your hands are too sore to feel what’s under them. I’d rather roll in the sheets with a girl than bounce around a ring with another guy any day. 
  6. The closest thing to sports I did as a kid was skateboarding. I could grind, flip and Ollie all over. Then I broke my hand in a crash and couldn’t play guitar for months. That was the end of my boarding days until I went to the French Alps and did some snowboarding. I’ll be doing that again, no lie. 
  7. My favorite things: 
Jack Daniels 
Getting inked 
People watching—there are some freaks out there! 
(Don’t tell anyone, but I like to read, too.) 
Did I mention women? Preferably naked. (See what I did there? Gotta hold on to my man-card.) 

Heh. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you didn’t notice, Jeric didn’t really share all that much about himself. That’s just how he is. But you get to know him a lot better—the real Jeric—in The Space Between, the first part of The Book of Phoenix. 

About The Space Between: 

When Life Falls to Pieces, Answers Lie in the Space Between 


Bestselling author Kristie Cook, with over 200,000 books sold, brings you another New Adult paranormal series, The Book of Phoenix 


“A completely unique story with a paranormal twist . . . the perfect blend of romance and mystery with a phenomenal plot that will keep you guessing.” ~ Jessica, Confessions of a Bookaholic 

“I loved this book! The characters, the romance, the plot, the originality! It had everything to make it an amazing book! ~ Kendall, Book Crazy 


After a month-long dance tour through Italy, 20-year-old Leni Drago returns to Georgia to care for her great-uncle, only to find him gone, the home they shared empty and any evidence he ever existed wiped out. All that’s left is a journal she can’t open. 

Jeric Winters has been searching for a piece of his past for over a year, only to reach a dead-end in Georgia. When an urgent and magnetic pull draws him out of his hotel room, he comes face-to-face with the beautiful dancer who’s been haunting his dreams day and night. 

Jeric’s one to stay away from—a bad-boy, hit-it-and-quit-it type—but Leni can’t escape the fervent feelings between them. As their own existences begin to crumble around them and shadowy forms that are more monsters than men attack, they realize there’s more to the connection between them than physical fascination. 

To solve the riddle their lives have become, they must embark on a journey that requires them to face their pasts and release their true souls. And they must do it fast—dark ones from another world are closing in, intent on killing them. Permanently. 


“This is a completely new twist on the idea of a timeless love story with a paranormal twist unlike any other. The connection between the two characters is bone deep and resonates beautifully. I will never forget this novel.” ~ Heather McCorkle, Author of the fantasy Channeler series 

“Kristie has done it again! Her Soul Savers series is my favorite by far and yet The Space Between is easily the best book she’s ever written! It's dangerous, suspenseful, and smokin’ hot.” ~ Marissa, Comfortably Read Book Reviews 

“The Space Between is an amazing story of life, love and fates. Author Kristie Cook has you hanging on the edge of every page. This book stays in your head well after the last page.” ~ Mindy, Forbidden Reviews 

**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language. 

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