Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Absolute Obstruction by C. Elizabeth

About the Book:
 Protecting his wife, Rose, is movie star, Michael Terrance’s, first priority, but no amount of protection can shield her from the obstruction being planned to destroy her.
Being lonely isn’t anything new for 45 year old Rose Terrance.  After all, that’s what she signed up for when she married beautiful, 33 year old movie star, Michael Terrance and in spite of her loneliness, their love stays strong.  However, their love, nor Michael’s vehement overprotectiveness, can shield Rose from a threat that is beyond Michael’s comprehension, one that annihilates his heart and lines his soul with guilt.
Michael has murderous intentions that lead him to a place he has already asked Rose to forgive him for, taking the phrase “I would die for you” to the extreme.

My Review:
Absolute Obstruction is the second book in the Absolute Series.  I would like to note that I have not read the first book in the series, but Absolute Obstruction could be read as a stand alone book.  I did not feel lost in any place.
That being said, Absolute Obstruction is a romantic suspense book.  It tells the story of Michael, a Hollywood star, and his wife, Rose.  They are newly married and have a new baby.  Michael and Rose are an amazing couple, however, things start to get bumpy when Michael's past threatens to destroy their relationship and scaring Rose away forever.  
The love scenes are tastefully done.  The story is paced well and keeps the reader turning page after page.  There were some serious edge of my seat moments.  I plan to go back and read the first book, and definitely follow up with the third.  C. Elizabeth's writing is well done, engrossing, and filled with relatable characters.
About The Author: 
C. Elizabeth lives in St. Albert,  Alberta, Canada and during her short writing career she’s learned a lot about herself, sometimes to the point that she wonders how the heck she got this far in life and know so little about herself.
For the majority of her life she dabbled in many things, such as drawing, photography, sewing, only to find that after a while, she would lose interest, but writing is a different story -- it found her and continues to be an addiction, as well as a most wonderful, incredible passion.
Not only does she write novels, but she does whatever she can to hone her craft.  Such as attending the New York Pitch Conference, seminars and the like, as well, she writes for online magazines on the topic of… you guessed it, writing.
Her latest book is the romantic suspense, Absolute Obstruction.
You can learn more about C. Elizabeth at her website at
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