Friday, June 22, 2012

Patchwork of Me by Gregory Allen

Synopsis:  A product of the foster care system, Sara Butler spends her early thirties hiding from her past while striving for a normal life with her small group of quirky friends in Arizona. Seeking treatment for an invisible rash and abnormal dreams, her therapist helps her unlock a heinous past that she is unsure she wants to open. To patch her life back together, she realizes she must travel across country to Maine to confront that past in order to plan for a future.

Review:  Thirty-three year old Sara Butler, who lives in Arizona (where I live), is a product of the New Mexico foster system.  Sara is having weird dreams, and is lying to her therapist.  After having her palm read she decides to be forthright with her therapist.  As she struggles to uncover a past she has buried deep, she travels to Maine with her best friends - Matty is my favorite - to face her past.

Gregory Allen weaves a story that draws you in and makes you feel strongly for the story and the characters.  The book was a page turner - and I read it in a day and a half.  I loved the writing style and the emotions portrayed.  This was my first book by Gregory Allen but if this book is any indication of what his other stories are like, i will be looking for more.

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