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Review and Giveaway: Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

SUMMARY:  In Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight, we meet Lauren.  The story starts with an act of courage on Lauren's part.  Lauren puts herself in danger to save her friends life.  As a result of her act of bravery, Lauren meets Max, the boy she has been dreaming about for the last for years.  Max told her in her dreams that he is her destiny.  Lauren struggles to make her destiny with Max a reality while trying to let her high school sweet heart down early. 

Lauren is an unusual girl.  She can "read" people.  She can tell if a person is good or has bad intentions.  As a result of her ability, she becomes entangled in a murder mystery.  Along the way she meets a clairvoyant who knows about her powers and tells her to stay on her bath to destiny.  Will Lauren and Max be able to stay together despite all of Lauren's dangerous experiences and independent nature? 

REVIEW:  I really liked Meeting Destiny.  The book is fast moving, and it really keeps you guessing.  I really like Lauren's character.  She puts herself in danger regularly to protect the people she cares about.  I like her independence and her spiritedness.    Lauren does the things she believes are right, even when others don't agree with her.

Max sounds like a total hottie, but he's still really mysterious.  We don't know that much about Max for a lot of the book.  At times I wondered if he is hiding something.  I wondered if he is some paranormal creature, but we never find out anything of that nature, at least not in this first volume. 

I am left with some questions after reading this book.  For example, Lauren gets a bad feeling about the older man in the coffee shop, who becomes a volunteer paramedic.  We never really hear anything more about him.  I have a feeling (at least I hope) that he will play a part in the second book.  I also want to know more about the clairvoyant, and the "we" that are watching out for Lauren.  The ending was a complete shock to me.  I immediately bought and started reading the second book, Destiny's Revenge, because I have to know what happens with Max and Lauren.

The cover is gorgeous!  I would have picked this book up, even if I hadn't been part of the tour.  What do you all, think?

ABOUT THE AUTHORNancy was born in Sioux City Iowa, left the cold of the Midwest in 1991 and only returns to see family in the summer time. She spent ten years traveling the world as a US Marine and settled in rural SC with her husband, two children and three dogs.  She enjoys RVing with her family, writing Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy and reading all types of Paranormal and Young Adult literature. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks much for hosting the Meeting Destiny Tour!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! I've changed the price to FREE this month if anyone would like to read it.

Many thanks! Nancy
twitter: @nancystraight

SAKT Homestead said...

It would bother me to not know much about one of the main characters, but despite that, the book sounds like one I would enjoy :)

DMS said...

Meeting Destiny sounds like an interesting read. I haven't heard of it before- but this review has made me curious about it. I like that the story has a good main character and the plot sounds great. Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

not sure how to enter...thanks lisapeters at yahoo dot com

Dyniy said...

This book is definately next on my TBR list. I am married to a paramedic so I am very interested in it. Besides that, I have to find out what this unbelieveable cliffhanger is. Thank goodness the sequel is available right away. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those books that I recommend to others over and over again.

Netherland said...

I have to say that this cover is beautiful and had me wanting to read it as soon as I saw it! I was hooked from the first page. I was expecting a young adult book but this honestly has a mature flavor to it which I found appealing. It is a unique story and I was really drawn to the heroine. She has a strong presence throughout and with so may twists and unexpected events I could not put it down.

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