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GUEST AUTHOR POST: Vampire and Greek Mythology Fact or Fiction by Lola James

Vampire and Greek Mythology Fact or Fiction by guest author Lola James, author of Bound to Remember.

I am a Greek Mythology buff; I mean who isn’t now days. There are new movies that are re-telling the story so infamously wrote by Homer and now books. I am no different. In my Book Bound to Remember, I touch on the vampire theme as well as the might Greek gods.

I had to do a lot of research and this is what I found. In ancient Greek mythology there are several ancestors to modern vampires but none were considered undead. An example would be Empusa. She was the daughter of the goddess Hecate and was described as a demonic, bronze-footed creature. She feasted on blood by transforming into a young woman and seduced men as they slept before drinking their blood. That is very much a vampire. Vampire’s feed on blood (check), are known to be sexy (check), and they exhibit demonic behavior (check). Vampire’s sound like they may have come from the Empusa lady. The Greek vampiric entities are seen once again in Homer's epic Odyssey. In Homer's tale, the undead are too insubstantial to be heard by the living and cannot communicate with them without drinking blood first. In the epic, when Odysseus journeyed into Hades, he was made to sacrifice a black ram and a black ewe so that the shades there could drink its blood and communicate. Personally, I think Hades gets a bad rap but who knows when it comes to myths.

My conclusion from the research is that if the Greek gods existed then vampires probably do too! I don’t think they are sparkly but the undead might walk among us. Who’s to believe one myth over another!

That’s my belief and I am sticking to it!

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Meet Lola:
My name is Lola James and I'm the author of Bound to Remember, a Paranormal Romance (Book 1 of the Spellbound Series).I live in southern California and I’m married with three beautiful children. I currently have a day job as a HR Manager and I hope to leave one day to pursue my dream as a full-time writer. Somehow, I find time to write in between working full-time, being a full-time mom and wife. When I’m not moonlighting as an author, I’m a studying for my Masters degree, which I hope to complete in 2013.     

I have always loved reading and writing! As a reader, I know that readers and writers share the common love of a great story. I personally love anything dealing with Vampires, Witches, and Greek Mythology. I started writing a Paranormal Romance story that included all three when voilĂ , I wrote a book! I write mostly Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy stories with suspense and a little humor but I am not limiting myself to just that. My stories emanate from my imagination and the fact that I am a hopeless romantic. I have been reading romance novels since my teens and fell in love with vampires when I read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

After some extensive research into the publishing process, I became discouraged and I put my laptop down and my dreams on hold. It wasn’t until I bought my first e-reader that I discovered a new way to publish. I dusted off my laptop and I self-published my first book!

I am currently working on two series, the first is the Bound to Remember, Book one of the Spellbound Series, and it’s a paranormal romance with vampires, witches and a mythological twist. The second is Fate’s Design Book one of the Fate Series, a paranormal romance about dreams and what happens when and if they come true.

Title – Bound To Remember

Genre - Paranormal Romance

Publisher – Self Published

Release Date – October 27, 2011

Format – Ebook

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