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10 Things I Didn’t Know Savvy Diva’s Take On…44 Days of Random Thoughts & Observations By Guest author Jahzara, the Savvy Diva

Days of Random Thoughts & Observations  By Guest author Jahzara, the Savvy Diva

I made the decision to write my book two years ago, as I began blogging. Though I didn’t write everyday on my blog, I made sure on a daily basis that I jotted down my topics and thoughts. However, I had no idea that a good writer…a dedicated writer would experience so many turbulent issues.

In December 2009, my blog had been active for at least three months, my mind had produced a whole notebook of rants and thoughts, but my lack of focus and holiday influences conflicted with my-self inflicted deadline to have a book written and revised by the new year. Looking back, I can recall the following ten lessons I encountered while rallying internally to produce a higher level of creativity than I had done for my blog.

Discipline is the most important attribute any writer must have to become the great writer most of us desire to become. Without the discipline, the will to achieve a goal becomes mute.

Focus comes along with the discipline. If you lack focus then all of the goals you bellow out become only sound bytes of social conversation and not reality. I witnessed many obstacles destroy others who lacked the focus they so desired, and I was determined not to let my passion fade away without notice.

Friendships and the real meaning of a true friend becomes relevant but slowly diffuse to the category of non-existent once you realize your dreams and goals are…your dreams and goals; and not those of the people you thought were your friends. I learned during the process that the flaky people who called themselves friends were the ones who wanted to see me fail because my priorities for success were threatening their initiative to see me fail.

Rituals play a huge part in my creative process. I’ve been writing since grade school, but I never honed in on my writing ritual, I just wrote. But during the nine months it took me to write my book, I realized that my process of dancing and singing for a half hour before writing was needed to achieve the level of creativity.

Revisions are like the family member that no one likes having around…but without them, the family isn’t complete. Without revisions, my creative work wouldn’t have been good enough to release into the literary world. It took me many years to accept that my first draft could never be my last and final draft. Constant revisions make you look at your work differently each time, and with each round it improves.

Flexibility isn’t necessary the best attribute to have while writing because there is always room for deviating from the focus. I experienced many times the interruption of something exciting; whether it was a phone call or a knock at the door that prompted me to consider changing my writing schedule. I found that if I allowed the any distractions to command me to be flexible around the external activities of my writing space, I would never complete the task at hand to write, write and write.

Timelines and Outlines are necessary because without them both, my book would still be a work in progress and not a completed project. I make sure I set timelines for each chapter, and outline the chapters so it’s etched in my mind continuously…leaving me to be strong in my process. However, flexibility is something great to have with timelines because everything isn’t produced or doesn’t go as planned…especially the constant flow of creativity.

The words Final Draft don’t mean the project is final. Even though as a writer I am used to revision processes but the anxiety of waiting for copy editors and content editors to review and give notes and await your feedback and revisions is the most taunting task of writing.  and the need to rewriteCommitment to the art of writing is one of the most rewarding lessons I have acquired along the way. Sharing my gift of writing is my passion and should always be the most important thing I think about when writing and not how much money I want to make from my gift. If writing is natural, the rewards will come naturally as well.

The Publishing Date was the most exciting date on the calendar of events for me during the process, but without flexibility around the process, it can be hardening to the soul when the release date changes continuously. My release date changed three times, and had I not been someone who loves to produce quality, my finished product wouldn’t be worthy enough to share today. 


astroqueen67 said...

I would love to try and write a book! I was very interested in creative writing in school but I have way too many distractions in my household to ever get enough time. Finding a quiet space to concentrate, to be able to is also impossible! :(

katayoun said...

loved the pointers on how to achieve a beautiful written book or actually anything that you want done and be able to release into the market, i loved the flexibilty required with the publishing date!! so true and so true that having something with high quality outranks the date anytime!
and then at the start there should also be a burning desire, if you have that, if you really need to write something you somehow make all the others happen

Jahzara, the Savvy Diva said...

Thank you to both astroqueen67 and katayoun for your comments.

Astroqueen67, it is definitely possible to achieve a place to concentrate. It may require a little creativity, but it is possible. You may have to drown out all the sounds by plugging into your favorite music, and let your mind escape you.

Katayoun, it was extremely hard for me to learn the skill of being open and flexible to change. I'm still a work in progress.

engelsigh said...

Thank you Jahzara for guest authoring on my blog.

Jahzara, the Savvy Diva said...

Thank you Rasberryswrlgirl for having me as a guest blogger. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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