Friday, December 17, 2010

What I Want

I've been meaning to do some kind of wish list here, but with work and school and the kids I haven't had the time.  So now, even though Christmas is less than 10 days away, here is my list:

Hot Topic has this cute hat/scarf/mittens all in one at their shops, but I don't see it online.  They have buffalo, dogs, bunnies, etc, but I love the leopard.  Fun AND practical.  $34.99

Bath and Body Works  These cute socks are infused with shea (which smells amazing) and peppermint.  They're also available in other scents and infused with lavender or vanilla.  A steal at $5.


Homedics Squishy Pillow
I love these pillows.  My last one ran into an tragic accident with the vacuum and I haven't been able to find another Homedics brand until now.  They're $9.99 at Bath and Body Works and only $8 with the 20% off coupon Bath and Body Works always sends in the mail.

Barnes and Noble

I love making lists and I love music.  It seems like my life has a soundtrack.  This book looks like a lot of fun.  $16.95.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books.  I'm trying to convert all my paperbacks into nice books like the ones in this collection that Barnes and Noble has.  Last year I got the works of Jane Austen.  This year I want Alice.  $19.99


$34.95 a sparkling gold star filled with 6 of the Christmas bath bombs.  I got one a few years ago and the star was silver then.  I've kept it and I'd love to have the gold to match.  Not to mention the bath bombs are the best! 

I'd also like a ceramic hair straightener but I don't know much about them and I'm open to suggestions on which brand is good.

That's my wishlist for this year.  What are you hoping to find under the tree?

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