Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bubbles of Rockport bath bombs

I recently used two more of the Bubbles of Rockport bath bombs that I recieved as a gift last year.

First up I used the March/Aquamarine Birthstone bomb. Bubbles of Rockport says: "We are excited to offer this unique line of bath bombs based on birthstones for each month. Each month has it's own unique fragrance which is based on the flowers, fruits and plants most commonly thought to be associated with that month. Each bath bomb is pure white and adorned with a soap jewel representing the birthstone for that month. What a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special! Each birthstone bath bomb weighs 6 ounces each and is about the size of a baseball. " The scents included in this bomb are lily of the valley, peony, cherry blossom, violets, strawberry and figs.

I say: I'm really digging the scent. It's just the right balance of floral and fruit. Since the bomb was white it did not stain the tub. The aquamarine shaped soap decorating the top was cool, and it lasted several showers. Though this isn't my favorite bomb by BoR, I would definately buy it again.

Next is the Magic Love Spell bomb. Bubbles of Rockport Says: "Our top selling bath bomb, we think this combination really has some magic in it! We’ve carefully selected 4 essences that are known for their ability to attract love: Rose for Romance, Jasmine for True Love, Apple for Temptation & Attraction & a bit of Strawberry for Luck! Try this intoxicating bomb when you’re in the mood for love and see what happens! It's colored red for passion and is topped off with a dash of sparkling fairy dust for whimsey! Believers of magic ourselves, we personally charge this bath bomb with a love spell before sending to the receipient. To heighten its magical powers, recite this spell as you soak in a tubful of Love Potion #9: "Moon Above, Full and Bright, Find My Love This (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) Night. Empower this Bath Bomb with Your Might. Send My Love True and Dear, and Bring My Match Closer Near". If true love is what you're after, this bath spell is best done on a Tuesday (day for Passion, ruled by the Moon) or Friday (day for Love & Friendship, ruled by Venus), during a full moon!"

I say: The bomb smelled good, but very close to Victoria Secret's "Love Spell." Overall, I was not impressed with this bomb. It had little bits of red confetti in it that stuck to my skin. Even after showering I found pieces of confetti on my skin for days afterwords. The red coloring stained the bath tub. I take a bath to relaxing. It kinds of defeats the point when you have to scrub the tub with comet afterwards. I will not be buying this bomb again.

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