Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Reads 2012 Reading Challenge

In 2012 I am partcipating in the Free Reads Challenge hosted by Bookish Ardour.  For this challenge, we are only reading books that we received free, for example RAKs, ARCS, won in giveaways, etc.  They cannot be library books.

I am going with the "On the Cheap" level, which means I will read 15 books for this challenge.  The challenge starts January 1st and goes through December 31st 2012.  I will update my books here as I read them.

1. "Watched" by Cindy Hogan 348 pages - ARC
2. "Patient Zero by Jim Beck 147 pages - ARC
3. "Nuclear Romance" by Abby Luby (kindle) -ARC
4. "The Public Pretender" by M.D. cliatt (kindle) - ARC
5. "Hereafter" by Tara Hudson 404 pages - RAK
6. "Bound to Remember" by Lola James (kindle) -ARC
7. "Sugar and Spice and Not So Nice" by Janet McNulty 117 pages - ARC
8. "Whispering Hills" by Taryn Browning (kindle) -ARC
9. "When Destiny Knocks" by Heather M. White 200 pages - ARC
10. "Kings and Queens" by Courtney Vail 328 pages - ARC
11. "Meeting Destiny" by Nancy Straight 291 pages -ARC
12. "Cowboy Moon" by Cait Lavender (kindle) - ARC
13. "When Destiny Strikes" by Heather M White - ARC
14. "Secrets" by Liz Schulte 318 pages - ARC
15. "Before I Go to Sleep" by S.J. Watson 372 pages - giveaway
16. "The Girl in the Steel Corset" by Kady Cross 473 pages - RAK
17. "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Hannah Moskowitz 288 pages - Free to read on Simon & Schuster website
18. "The Dream Slayer" by Jill Cooper 312 pages - ARC
19. "The Ultimate Revenge: Echo's Revenge" by Sean Austin - ARC
20. "Pretty in Black" by Rae Hachton 312 pages - ARC
21. "Loving Summer" by Kailin Gow 250 pages - ARC
22. "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman 335 pages - Free on the Simon & Schuster website
23. "Redheads are Soulless" by Heather M. White - ARC
24. "The House on Blackstone Moor" by Carole Gill 212 pages - ARC
25. "Visions of You" by C.Y. Bourgeois 212 pages - ARC
26."Dark Side of Valor" by Alicia Singleton 352 pages - ARC
27."Black Satin" by Rae Hachton - ARC
28."Persephone" by Kaitlin Bevis 237 pages - ARC
29."Gone At Zero Hundred 00:00" by C.R. Hiatt 352 pages - ARC
30."Among the Nameless Stars" by Diana Peterfreund 60 pages - Free from Epic Reads
31."Taste" by Kate Evangelista 259 pages - ARC
32."Dreamwalker" by Andrea Heltsley 434 pages - ARC

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Denise Z said...

What an interesting idea! Too often these reads are overlooked or fall to the bottom of the TRB, of course I am not talking about the ARCs that are requested, but the other really good books that we have to be reminded we have in the archives:)

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