Thursday, July 5, 2012


When I arrived at his house, I forced myself not to jump into the yard and not to hide against the wall.

I will go around to the driveway and up to the front porch, and then I will ring the bell…

Come on, ring the stupid bell!

Taking a deep breath, I punched it in and the electric buzz echoed beyond. A light came up in the hall and I gripped my bag with both hands to try and hold myself in place.

I shall not bolt, I shall not bolt…

Then, the door opened and I decided I didn’t want to start running for the hills after all. Keith stared out at me, hair held back in a high ponytail and a crooked smile in place.

“Hey,” I said when he remained silent a bit too long. My voice came out shaky, but it snapped him out of whatever reverie he’d fallen into.

“Hi,” he said, stepping to the side to let me come in. “I’m glad you chose to come.”

I shrugged and tried for a lighter tone. “I didn’t want your grandma neighbor to sic the cops on me.”

“Or worse… the psycho ward.”

“Stalkerish is so not psycho,” I said, rolling my eyes at him.

“It is in the movies.”

“Of course. Because Hollywood does such great research.”

That made him laugh again and I laughed along, surprised by how easy it was.

“Come on in.” He closed the door behind me and motioned me through a small foyer, down a short corridor and to his room.

“Your father?” I dallied a bit at the door. Taking into account that two days ago I’d have been caught dead before talking to this guy, entering his room felt awfully intimate.

“At work. Should be back in another couple of hours, right in time for dinner.” He half turned and gave me a funny look. “Are you worried I might jump you?”


Val said...

This looks interesting.


Ron C. Nieto said...

Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to thank you for being part of the tour and having me over today :)
Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

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