Friday, July 27, 2012

Challenge Update: Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012

I have tons and tons and tons of books on my shelf that need to be read, that I never get to because something else new comes out and catches my eye. This year I am taking part in the Mount TBR Reading Challenge hosted by My Reader's Block.  I chose to read 25 books from my own shelf.  As it's over the halfway point for the year, I am updating the challenge to see where I stand.

1. "Seven Up" by Janet Evanovich 337 pages
2. "Hard Eight" by Janet Evanovich 326 pages
3. "My Blood Approves" by Amanda Hocking 261 pages
4. "Demon Princess: Reign or Shine" by Michelle Rowen 288 pages
5. "The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove" by Lauren Kate 248 pages
6. "Abandon" by Meg Cabot 304 pages
7. "13 to Life" by Shannon Delany 308 pages
8. "Undead and Uneasy" by MaryJanice Davidson 288 pages

Woohoo!  A Whopping 8 down.  The point of this challenge was to read books already on myshelf prior to January 1st - but it appears I've kept the same bad habit as last year and continue to buy more books (or get library books or ARCs) before reading what I already have.  I'll be going to my shelves and picking out some books to get read in the next 5 months so that I can actually complete this challenge.

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Mona Risk said...

Hi Steph, I gave myself a similar challenge and I'm trying to read two books per week. But mine are on my Kindle. I've given to a friend about twenty printed books I don't plan to read. I like to see my bookcase less cluttered. Yeah!

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