Monday, November 15, 2010

Pickle Lip Balm

A pretty well known fact about me is that I love pickles. Yum! I even sometimes eat pickles for breakfast. I have fond memories of the dill my grandmother grew in her garden.

Some time ago doing a pickle lip balm search (yes, I was actually searching for pickle lip balm – I had gotten pizza flavored lip balm from My Lip Stuff – it’s gross, lol). In my searching I re-stumbled across Archie McPhee & Co. They have pickle lip balm, pickle soap, pickle flavored mints, pickle gumballs, pickle floss, and a ton of other pickle items.

Additionally they have bacon lip balm, nacho lip balm, and corn dog lip balm. They have Thanksgiving gum balls that taste like turkey, cranberry and pumpkin pie.

They are also the home of the crazy cat lady action figure.

I’d love to try some of their weird flavored items. How ‘bout you?

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