Friday, October 29, 2010

NAU trip

I made the long drive up to NAU to meet with my academic advisor. Baby’s dad went with me. We went to Olive Garden for lunch. They have the best salad and bread sticks. Yum!

The campus is beautiful always, but this time of year it was especially lovely. There are so many trees, and the leaves were in various shades of red, orange and yellow.

I arrived early for my appointment so I was able to check out the campus a little bit, including the bookstore. The campus was hopping as its homecoming weekend. I really wish that I had gone to college and lived in the dorms and did things more the traditional way. Don’t get me wrong, I loved most of my professors at my community college. I also didn’t know what I wanted to be at that age. Yet still, I feel like there are things I missed out on by starting university life at 30 as opposed to 18.

My meeting went well. I don’t have much longer to go. Even if I go part time I should be able to graduate in 2013. I have a few classes to fulfill Arizona requirements, but everything else I’m going to be taking now is all related to my major. I’m well on my way to a career in Social Work.

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