Friday, August 5, 2011


Hello everyone, 

My blog needs some major revamping.  I don't know how to make a header or put the tabs at the top to seperate special posts categories (Like Book Soulmates for example).  So I need some suggestions or pointers on that.

I also plan to start doing a giveaway a month, more book reviews, maybe some etsy reviews and possibly some guest bloggers.

What is everyone interested in seeing more of?  I don't want to keep my blog soley to books.  I love books, but when school starts I don't always get to read as much.  I like book challenges... but I also love etsy, bath products, candles, recipes and more.

So, this is me, asking for suggestions.  What do you like?  What needs spruced up?  What can I change to keep people interested?

Thanks for the feedback!



Litza said...

Sounds like a plan! I know how difficult it can be to figure everything out on blogger. I'm currently creating designs for my own blog & I have found a few sites ridiculously helpful. If you'd like some free pre-made templates, has some great ones... along with some tips and whatnot! If you'd like to try your hand at creating your own, there are a few editing programs that are quite helpful. Of course, Photoshop is amazing, but if you'd like to refrain from breaking the bank there are a few free programs. I'm currently loving but I've also heard GIMP is good, too. You can create your own headers & posting them is easy peasy. I can send you more detailed instructions if you would like, but you could also just explore. OH! And there are also heaps of websites/blogs that provide free (or inexpensive) digital papers, embellishments, buttons, you name it! I've found that there are so many people online willing to share their talents with others, thus making it that much easier to create things for ourselves! I hope this email made sense. lol! Good luck & if you need any help, don't hesitate to send me an email (on my profile). Cheers! said...

OH!! Go to Design then go to Dashboard up in the upper right hand area. Hard to see. ALL is NOT lost! Click on Dashboard and it will guide you through revamping your blog! Tab are easy to make! After you revamp everything, it'll even give you a header to choose from! The go to design again, go to pages, then go to Edit pages and you can then under it click on Edit pages. If I can be of any help, email me at laurieisreading at gmail dot com and I will try to help you! We have the same background! Email me and I'll try to help! Anytime! It's ALL free!
Laurie Carlson

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