Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fajita Pizza

I thought I would share the recipe for this fun spin on traditional pizza. I don't remember where exactly this recipe came from but I've been making it now for about 15 years. Steve likes it, it doesn't cost a lot, and it's easy to make, thus we have been eating it quite a bit lately.

*Pizza crust (I use the Kroger's pizza crust mix - just add water and oil. It usually takes two of these mixes to make one pizza for us)
*A Jar of your favorite brand of salsa.
*Shredded cheese (you can you which ever type you prefer. I usually use the pre-shredded "Mexican" mix).
*Chicken or Beef cut into strips (Or if you are a vegitarian like me, you can skip the meat, or use Morning Star substitutions)
*1 package of Fajita seasoning
*Peppers (Green is ok, but I like my food to be colorful so I use a little red, green and yellow peppers)

1. Prepare pizza crust according to package.
2. Sautee meat in a skillet. Once the meat is mostly done add vegetables.
3. Once meat and vegetables are cooked, at fajita seasoning mix and follow directions on the back of package as far as the amount of water to add and time to simmer.
4. Meanwhile, press crust into pizza pan or baking sheet.
5. Spread salsa over the crust.
6. Once meat and vegies are ready spread them over the salsa.
7. Layer with cheese.
8. Bake according to crust package directions.
9. Serve

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Anonymous said...

This sounds yummmmmmmmmy! I'm definitely going to have to try it.

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