Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trip Day 3

Our third day of the trip - we are finally out of Texas! Our next stop on the trip was Tombstone, Arizona. We spent about half the day there and started by looking in all the shops. My mom bought us girls matching, sparkley cowgirl hats in different colors. Yes, I know how absolutely dorky that is, but it's fun. My stepdad got a cowboy hat too, minus the glitter.

We had lunch in the oldest bar. The owner is an artist.

He hangs out with the likes of Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker and Johnny Depp. Nikki bought a picture he did in graphite pencil of Johnny Depp in his pirate get-up. He inscribed it for her and everything.

After that we did the trolley tour of Tombstone. We saw Wyatt Earp's House.

Finally before heading out, we stopped at the cemetary. It was pretty cool. It's the first cemetary that I saw that was all rocks and cacti and no actual grass. They piled rock mounds over the bodies.

That evening we arrived in my new city. Steve picked me up from my parents hotel, and I saw our apartment for the first time. It's nice and new. The tub is a garden tub which is a huge plus for me. The kitchen is also really good sized. I had doubts about all my furniture fitting in, but when we moved everything in the next day, my mom proved it all fits. While unpacking I discovered that I have way too many books. There must have been twenty boxes. So I'm going to try not to go to the library or bookstore until I read and trade out some of what I already have. The vast majority of the books I have are books I haven't read. Unless a book is really amazing, I usually pass it on to someone else when I'm done reading it. Additionally, I have to go through and get rid of more stuff. I got rid of a huge chunk of stuff before I packed, but I will need to get rid of more. I'm going from a 2 story townhouse to a 700 sq ft apartment and there just isn't room for all the "stuff" I've accumulated.

We all hustled on unloading the trailer and then I sent my parents and Nikki off to explore. My mom got most of the kitchen unpacked while we were unloading, and Steve and I got the majority of my stuff unpacked and still got to spend some time together.

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did you ever get the pay it forward card? I hope you did!

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