Friday, May 9, 2008

Bubbles of Rockport Bath Bombs

I received a baker's dozen of bath bombs from Bubbles of Rockport as a gift. Unfortunately I didn't think to take photographs of the first four bombs that I used, so I am using the images from the Bubbles of Rockport site.

The first of their bath bombs that I tried was Ouiji Board. Bubbles of Rockport Describes Ouiji Board as, "Dive into another dimension by taking a bath with the Ouija Board fizzing bath bomb! This complex scent captures wafts of candle light in a dark wooded parlor as the wind blows in a fury outside your window during a secluded seance. A highly "spirited" bath bomb, Ouija Board will add another realm to your bath experience! All of our bath bombs weigh 6 ounces and are the size of a baseball. This means lots of fragrant, long-lasting fizz and fun in your tub!"

I unfortunately didn't like the smell of Ouiji Board. I expected something a little more, gothic maybe? Something that smelled woody, and maybe a little floraly. To me Ouiji Board smelled like some time of cleaner. Maybe a dish soap. It did turn the water a lovely light blue color. With all the other beautiful bath bombs Bubbles of Rockport has to offer, I will not be ordering Ouiji Board again.

Next I tried Fairy Dreams, a light pink glittery bomb. Bubbles of Rocport describes Fairy Dreams as, "Fairy Dreams will fly into your bath on glittery pink wings and scent it with a magical blend of soft florals, warm musk and a hint of fairy dust. You'll want to fly away to fairy dreamland in your bath with this one, but be careful, that could be quite splashy! 6 ounce bath bomb, the size of a baseball."

Fairy Dreams had a pleasant soft feminine scent. The water turned a little pink in color with light gold shimmer to it. Unlike some other companies, Bubbles of Rockport has just the right amount of fine glitter in their bombs. When you rinse the tub it all goes down the drain, and you aren't finding it all over everything for days. I would definately order this ultra-girly bomb again as the scent, color and glitter are just right.

I am fascinated with the Vampire Bomb. Bubbles of Rockport describes it as, "Now here's a bath bomb that's got a bite to it... Vampires and Vampiresses Unite! This saucy little number will charm your socks off with a sexy, venomous blend of vampy spices and earthly delights. Once you've been bitten by a bath with the "Vampire", there's no turning back. You've been forewarned! Adorned with a baby bat soap and candy confetti decorations. All of our bath bombs weigh 6 ounces each and are the size of a baseball. This means lots of long-lasting fragrant fizz & fun in your tub!"

I have to agree with their statement, "Once you've been bitten by a bath with the 'Vampire', there's no turning back." The bomb is a rich red in color with a black soap bat adorning the top. The scent is hard to describe, and I spent over an hour in the bath trying to figure it out. The smell is intoxicating and slightly addictive. It's very vampy to say the least. The bomb changed the water a nice red color - but it did not stain the tub. I would definately buy this bomb again (and probably spend another hour in the tub trying to figure out the rich, wonderful fragrance I'm smelling).

Finally, I tried the Witches Brew bath bombs. It could easily be one of my favorite bombs. I love the minty green color of the water. I love the fragrance. I couldn't quite place the scent while I was bathing, but Bubbles of Rockport says, "What mysterious concoction might be brewing in the bubbling witches cauldron? Hmmmm, let's see, a pinch of sinister cinnamon, a scant dash of ginger, a jug of freshly pressed apple cider laced with blood oranges and handful of healing tea leaves are stirred by the light of a full moon, the meows of black cats and the passing of dark shadows! Tested and approved by an authentic Salem Witch, this bath bomb promises a bit of bath magic to those who BELIEVE. It does not, however, contain Eye of Newt." It will definately be o n my reorder list.

I have many bombs left to try, and will review them as I use them. The remaining bombs include: Black Cat, Harvest Moon, Apparition, Boo-tiful, Jack-ochino, Velvet Rose, Monkey Love, Aquamarine, and Magic Love Spell.

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Lauren said...

Those bath soaps look AMAZING. They make me want to start taking baths again and not showers.

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